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The National Centre for Women Development (NCWD) in collaboration with and support from German Government Cooperation (GIZ) is training and empowering 100 female artisans in advanced RESIDENTIAL capacity building for the next three week to make them economically viable in Nigeria.

The Director -General of the Centre, Mary Ekpere-Eta (Esq) disclosed this recently at the official opening ceremony of the Advance female Artisanship program held at the Banquet hall in the Centre.

Barr. Ekpere-Eta stated that the Centre vigorously pursued programmes aimed at upholding and promoting high intellectual practices in the area of women and gender development.

She further said that these programmes are based on the recognition that women’s economic empowerment is the first step to financial freedom.

According to her, “the programmes are structured to give the beneficiary a voice and confidence to cope in an environment where competition is the order of the day, as such innovation is needed to stay afloat “she added.

Describing the trainings in Tiling &Masonry, Air-condition and refrigeration, Generator repairs, Plumbing and piping as very apt, the DG noted that these jobs have been long seen as male preserves and in time past gender biased.

She said that the Centre represents a rich endowment by Nigerian Women for the practical manifestation through education, self-advancement and mobilization noting paucity of skilled artisans in the construction industry within Nigeria.

Further, she reiterated that the sector has nothing to do with the sex of individuals; this prompted the Centre’s response in 2016 with a robust design in capacity building and empowerment training under her Female Economic Empowerment Training (FEET) NCWD Boss stated that the program has till date trained over 240 young females, making these skills acquired to be gender responsive and inclusive.

According to her, “it empowers young women and girls economically so as to enhance national development “she asserted.

Noting that these trainings are very crucial in the lives of the participants, the DG stated the it has enable NCWD achieve her set goals of job creation and wealth generation of the present Administration by training of new crop of skilled female artisans who will in turn have access to affordable and excellent basic required skills in today’s construction industry.

These trainings will lead the artisans to the award of Trade Test 2 and 1 Certification. Commending the Director-General for providing a sterling leadership at the Centre, the Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Women Affairs, Hon. Vincent Ekene Ofumelu in his goodwill message stated the importance of training these females in male dominated fields and urge them to take it very seriously.

He assured to bring the strategic training on residential capacity building before the leadership of the 9th Assembly.

According to him, “there are lots of construction jobs in our budget for 2019, 2020 and hope to work with the skilled artisans. Speaking in the same light, a representative from National Commission for Mass Literacy for Adult and Non- Formal Education, Mrs. Eji-Eji Nnenna. J urge the female artisans to use their capacity acquired to empower others thereby generating employment and creating wealth.

Further, she urge them to utilize this rare privilege by good hearted Director- General of the Centre and said that the opportunity is a huge plus for the Nigeria women.

Judith Ogbogu,
Head of Press and Public Relations Unit

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