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Seyi Makinde….This Man Is Not One Of Them At All.

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Today, he will finally call the bluff of NURTW and liberate Ibadan and Oyo state from the reign of thugs.

Government is taking over all motor parks and the appointed park managers will be resuming today.

The bulk of the revenue will now go to Oyo state accounts and not to the personal accounts of some Dons sitting somewhere because he has more men and guns to terrorize people.

From Zero To HERO – Become Confident.

Money used for marrying many wives, buying many gun and hemp before now will go to reconstructing roads and maintaining efficient and decent motor parks.

While Lagos is still empowering thugs loyal and paying dues to the bourdillon, Oyo is already moving ahead.

How can a society be creating thugs and empowering them with tens of million of naira per day.

How can thuggery be more rewarding than being law abiding and decent?

You can see why personalities like Tokyo, Eleweomo, Ejiogbe, Auxiliary(seems he is willing to adapt to the new code) and several of them who turn themselves to terror were created.

The money is huge.

Imagine N100 each from almost 150,000 cabs and busses for intracity transits and N500 or N1,000 from every intercity cars and busses going to private pockets DAILY.

Why won’t they kill, why won’t AK47 be involved?

They were allowed because the paid government officials their cut….from the Head down…yes the head and even the men in uniform.

This is really courageous from Governor Seyi Makinde.

I heard one of their leader is already threatening fire and brimstone….looks like they want to fight the state…lol!

Ibadan people, be conscious and stay safe. They’ll react but they’ll bow eventually. That nonsense cannot continue. It must stop.

Bottom line is Oyo state will now have more revenue…money that goes into private pockets before now.

There is hope for us if people like Seyi Makinde can be finding their way to the government house in a nation where mediocrity and greed rules the political class.

Finally, my love for Seyi Makinde is cast in stone. My skepticism about him have really lost a lot of blood.
~Ayodeji Adegbite

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