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Our chickens and guinea fowls are coming home to roost.

Atiku’s son is positive. He is in Gwagwalada hospital . He can’t fly to Dubai.

The president is in town. There are no international conferences.

If he needs attention, he will have to use the state clinic.

That expression ‘we die here’ is now so real.

Once we become full of the virus, no one will allow any of us into their country.

If we have no test kits, then we stay here and dig graves and bury our dead.

If we have no ventilators, then we will use table fans. And die like that.

We die here. Abi?

If the Bishops and Imams refuse to listen, they will listen when the churches and mosques are filled with sorrow tears and coffins.

If NASS members wont submit themselves to tests at the airports , the chambers will become filled with Corona virus and become distinguished viral laboratories.

Nobody will be flown to London or Germany.

Those of us abroad will stay abroad.

Let everybody sit down somewhere.

I hear our girls in Italy have hunkered down.

There is a snake in the monkey’s shadow.

I wish the virus could hold hostages and demand ransoms.

It could have helped us get our stolen wealth back.

For the first time in this country, if a minister falls and breaks his head, he will have to remain and be treated at home.

There is no test facility in the whole of the north and none in the east. Yet we have governors.

Yet we have thousands of Teaching Hospitals.

Look at Port Harcourt. Nothing!

UNTH and UCH can’t test for Coronavirus. Tufiakwa!

But it’s good. Better.

If it’s die, we all die here! together.

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