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Shade Okoya, A Stylish Personality With Touch Of Gold

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For the want of a favourable description, Shade Okoya is a misunderstood woman. A thorough bred disciplinarian, knowing her from a far distance, gives a wrong picture of who she truly is. She is an angel in human form. Stylish Shade is an endearing personality wrapped with great poise, graceful gait, respect, compassion, sense of humour, humility and kind heart.

Like the proverbial pillar that supports the house, Shade has been a blessing to her family – most expecially her billionaire industrialist hubby, Chief Razak Okoya, who recently joined the leagues of Octogenerian. To affirm her Midas touch of gold in anything she does with finesse, the fashion enthusiast has turned the fortune of Elegenza Nigeria Plc round by recording massive growth on assuming a managerial role.

Under her watch, she redifined and repositioned Eleganza to meet an enviable standard. As at today, the company’s work force has risen astronomically and also production of plastic products  A close source disclosed to Society Rendezvous that; Shade is doing a lot for the company. Ever since she started handling the affairs of the company, things have began to flourish. She recently acquired new set of machines to boost production of plastic products and also diversify into new set of products that the general public crave for. With the support of her husband, investors and workers within the next 12 month, Eleganza is poised tobecome a high flying company that it was reputed for to be.

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