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Profiltration Of Fire Arms And Its Consequences

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In recent times our economy has driven downwards so much that a great deal of our graduands are not being employed thus allowing for unemployment ration unimagined numbers of Youths. This multiplied with the hunger driving force in the Country due to excessive individuals greed and money laundering through unabated crimes of various kinds. High rated crimes of various kinds came up and there were no stricten’s to minising the defrayment due from same.

Our economy was almost grounded and corruption has destroyed every facets of same and yet, we are still battling with a lot of stollen wealth by various groups.
That as it may our problems now are those kinds experienced from a Country that has wallowed in various war crisis but ours was illegal wealths. Our Political leaders too added their excesses by equipping miscreants as applauding members of their fellowships. These boys are bought cutlasses and axes while some of them were given guns to bulwark reluctant opponents. Most of these miscreants after usages are dumped and are no longer retained or maintained.

Consequently, they graduated into Armed Robbers and kidnappers while majority of them operates like sole ownerships some of them carts themselves as groups and terrorises everyone in the Community wherever they are. Boys like the Delta boys were hired in for a purpose same with the Boko Haram and these latest heard men incursions. Apparently, those who invited them in abinitio can no longer hold them or control them hence they eventually becomes liability or collateral misfits to the immediate community.
You may therefore imagined the numbers of arms that would be circulating so far. Worse still is that amunitions and guns are being seriously brought into the country through various means and sources.

From the on sets we have the issue of cult members in various Universities and higher institutions. And today, it has moved down into our various primary schools and secondary schools. This issue became so naughty because of the downturn of our economics and since so many parents have becomes badly indented and powerless most wards became lose and some mothers becomes beggars, thus their children joined cults in various levels and forms and carry firearms of various gradings. Controlling these situation has not been possible so far as it will required a lot of welfarism. Creating wealth through integrated infrastructural emancipation from zero take off to industrial level.
Today, almost various kinds of weapons are available in the street and it has becomes open fashion that each group kinsman must have his gun trotting guards. Consequently, guns of various gradings are pro filtrated everywhere.

The Federal Government, must work with The Eagle Crimes and prevention initiatives ECAPI to along with the Nigeria Police Force to search everywhere for guns and ammunition to forestall anarchy. Failure to intensify stop and search including house to house search, the country will experienced real war of arms proliferation. Communal abuses has stopped drastically but the issues of Heardmen and farmers is certainly another key factors that is similar in tactics to the Boko Haram of North East. We as a Nationals must all wake up to our responsibility by sensitising everyone to be sensitive to observations and human movements from one ends to the other. We must trace the flow of these people and determined if our neighbours are not involved in encouraging other Nationals to attack us from outsides. Our Customs and immigration officers must wake up to their responsibility and the National identification Card Registration must be taken up seriously as it will help determined who is who in our Country.

Let the Federal Government coopted all interested Organisation through adequate mobilisation to banner information’s and intelligence reports for further processing. We must seize and retrieved all the guns flying around in the Country, the unauthorised Ak 47, Pump actions and various pistols and local guns that are in wrong hands to forestall anarchy.
There must be a law that will strictly banned possession of guns by anyone and where there are proof for possession by virtue of rights or whatsoever, there must be confirmed approvals to such individuals. The elections of 2019 is so close, we must pruned down the numbers of guns and ammunitions circulating in the country to have a peaceful electioneering periods.
Love our country (Nigeria) ECAPI Care…….www.ecapi.org

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