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Covid-19 : Why President Muhammadu Buhari Should Enforce A Total Lockdown Now

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At the beginning of Last week, President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the nation about the new development and measure taken to help the nation’s economy in the midst of Covid-19 crisis.
He stated that there will be ease of lockdown in some states that include FCT, Lagos and Ogun state which implies that instead of total lockdown, there will be curfew and there will only be interstate lockdown.
This news brought joy to Nigerians as everyone had been envisaging when to move out of their houses, thinking of how to resume work and all that, in order to make ends meet.
To Nigerians, it was a very great development and the best decision the President has made so far but the question is how do we intend to curb the spread of this virus with a development like this?
Nigeria is a country full of people who are ignorant, some are not ignorant but stubborn. Social distancing isn’t been followed, people no longer wash their hands , some don’t make use of nose-masks, yet they have been going about their day to day activities.
On Monday, may 4, which was more or less like the new ‘Christmas’ day judging by the way people expected the date to come, a lot of people went out and Lagos, for example, was so jam-packed, there was serious traffic gridlock in every where in Lagos, banks were full of so many customers who have had issues during the total lockdown era, the crowd control was poor, hence, there was nothing like social distancing anywhere in Lagos.
Four days after the lockdown has been eased, the number of cases Nigeria have recorded is heartbreaking. There is no reduction in the numbers, although, we expected an increase in numbers but not as much as this.
Take for example, yesterday Thursday, 7th of May, Nigeria recorded a whopping 381 new Covid-19 cases, Lagos taking the highest number which is 183, in just a day!
Sincerely, it is alarming, heart-breaking, disheartening, and serious action  should be taken to avoid the uncontrolled spread of this virus.
Going by this developments, if the president has the people at heart, the best thing to do is to enforce a total lockdown now, Nigerian don’t have enough equipment and facility to admit Covid-19 patients, having a serious increase in number is a very dangerous case for the country.
Although, the fear of the populace is the ‘audio’ palliatives the government promised, which is why they see reasons to go out of their houses. The government should kindly work on the palliatives to help people stay home

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