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The Only LANGUAGE Our People Understand Is Survival! Survival!! Survival!!!

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Olukayode Salako

“About 60% of the Nigerian population are poor, illiterate and without ideal homes. They have been abandoned by their governments to run things by themselves over the many, many years. However, the only language many of our people understand is the survival orientation. The problem is that of the survival instinct only mentality social orientation. All they want to achieve for themselves, is to go out there on daily basis and survive. So, it will be difficult for the coronavirus to leave our society as easily as that without spreading beyond control. No matter what the government tries to do, more and more people will continue to be infected. The evidence is in the results of the number of the infectious cases that are already coming out after the May 4 lock down relaxation measures.

Or how do you tell a man who does not have money, food and ideal place to call a home to continue to stay too long under a complete lock down situation!

It is not the fault of our people, but those who ran this country anyhow like an animal kingdom for their own self-centered enrichment and inordinate survival yesterday. Now, it appears too late to get the orientation and economic situation of our people to understand that the danger of the massive spread of the killer virus is looming prevalently in the country. It is too late to get them to understand that the virus is outside, looking for more and more people to kill. Honestly, it is too late for their understanding.

The only LANGUAGE our people understand is survival! Survival!! Survival!!!

And that’s all!

That is the way Nigerians have been living. That is what they are used to. That is how the government has made things to be from time immemorial!

Anybody who understands the manner in which our people live in those stupid places in many of our crude residential environments, will understand the gravity of the level of the ignorance and complacency in the harsh and denigrating economic situation.

I see big danger in the weeks ahead, if care is not taken or something better cannot be done by the government to stop the spread of this dangerous and killer disease moving around actively in our communities.

I repeat, it is difficult for the survival orientation of a people, who cannot socially handle their naira notes to be clean and neat to handle their face mask wearing necessities to be safe for the virus to be contained or for this global afflictions to untimely pass over them”

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