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The Ambassador of the national Education,Mr. Abu Nidal has announced that the year 2022 FIEDD programme would hold in Abidjan between the month of April 28 and 29 for everyone to benefit from the support of the Ministry of Environment and sustainable development.



The Ambassador disclosed this after a successful season with the 2021 WARA TOUR loaded with prizes and laurels gleaned both in Africa and European country.




Abu Nidal was therefore surrounded with honour and favour on Wednesday, January 6, 2022, while he was appointed Ambassador of FIEDD (Festival of Environmental Images for Sustainable Development) by RICED (Ivorian Network of Environmental Communicators and Sustainable Development).



The president of RICED, DJAH Koffi Sylvain chose the “Waraboss” of Nidal Group for its actions in favor of a healthy environment in the school environment.




Abu Nidal declared strengthening his position vis-à-vis so few noble causes of privileges. According to him: he said that “the environment is everyone’s business and whosoever talks about cleanliness for it is very relevant and its all about hygiene and people’s good living and health care. Also the environment is part of the WARA TOUR so we come together. He said.




Others like the Ambassador of FIEDD (Festival of environmental images for sustainable development) Mr ABOU NIDAL President of NIDAL GROUP and the First Lady of Côte divoire Madame Dominique OUATTARA,senior personalities are expected from Colombia, the DRC, Nigeria and Guinea and several delegations from Mali, Sweden and France would make the trip for this Ecolo-Cultural high mass. He informed.

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