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Fisherman Caught Huge Hippopotamus In Bayelsa Community

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A lucky fisherman has caught an hippopotamus in Aku-gbene fishing camp in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area in Bayelsa this afternoon.

The fisherman identified as Mr Duobo said, the aqua animal has been disturbing farms in the camp for a while now. All efforts to track him down was to no avail. There are times the sea animal will show himself in the middle of the river in a broad daylight and float for hours.
Mr Duobo described today as his very lucky day since he started fishing in the camp. And also said the hippopotamus is his biggest catch ever. How he was able to catch this aqua animal is still amazing to him, he said all fisherman in the camp has set different kinds of traps for the sea animal. Each attempt is always destroyed.

He further said that he was able to kill the sea animal through the help of his Housa friend identified as Mohammed who is also a fisherman residing at Polaku community, Yenagoa Local Government Area Bayelsa State. He transported his friend down to the fishing camp and set the trap with ropes and bamboo sticks two days ago.
Whenever he is going and coming back from his fishing expenditure he always branch to check. But this afternoon he finally succeeded. He called other fishermen to help bring the animal to the shores of the camp. Everyone is ready to butcher the sea animal.

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