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Glamour, As Jesam Micheal Officially Opens Biggest Apple Store in Africa

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* I’m happy to have known him – Top class Oba, Says

History was indeed made today in the crypto industry world when the CEO of Afriq Arbitrage, Jesam Micheal, a Fintech genius opened the biggest Apple store in Africa. The event which was witnessed with a grandeur atmosphere was indeed top of the town around Ikeja and its environs.

While briefing the media, the CEO said:

“While appreciating God for a dream come true, Jesam revealed that the birth of the apple store was born from the desire to be a line crosser and a barrier breaker in his industry and also to bring succour to the several thousands of AAS community members who believed in him.

Jesam disclosed that “the opening of the Apple store is a unique, first time and non-compared event because it is the first in history to have a physical store, literally, a super Use case for a Token yet unborn. It is amazing that AAS TOKEN is yet to be listed but has so many physical Use Cases littered around”.

He started further “It is, indeed, a life-changing, impacting, and uplifting event for one reason; what was said, promised, and sold to the community, global investors has come alive. That word is kept. A word spoken and kept builds confidence, instils faith, inspires trust, and ignites a fierce loyalty.”

It is also one of the biggest e-commerce stores floated from a cryptocurrency perspective, quite unusual, you may say, but it’s happening live before our very eyes.

“Interestingly, AAS TOKEN is undergoing listing with the big decentralised exchanges. What does that mean to investors of AAS TOKEN? It portents a good omen for investors as their AAS TOKEN would soon become their virtual trading money to purchase their choice merchandise reminiscent of the policy of trade by barter of years gone by and the wonder of it is that it comes with discounted prices buying with the AAS TOKEN in all their stores, lounges and more.”

“It shows that crypto lovers are in for a new phase of life, a life that means freedom from financial hassles, from life’s pressures. This era pioneered by Jesam Michael, AAS’s Chief Executive Officer, is sure to be unforgettable and imprinted in the annals of global cryptocurrency history,” he said.

The event, however, was witnessed by the top traditional rulers including top tech gurus and a cross-section of Spartans and investors.

Meanwhile, His Royal Majesty, Oba Liazim Olumuyiwa Ogunbekun, the Onilekki of Lekki town, in Ibeju Lekki town, Said he was filled with joy for Jesam Michael to have come up with this project of this nature and indeed was proud of him and happy to have known him.

” I feel so innate for someone like him a Nigeria to have come up with this beautiful project. I believe all hope is not lost. I was happy I knew we have a lot to achieve together”. Said stated.

The event came to a close with the CEO’s interaction session with the Spartans and announcements of various gifts which included a gift away cash and lots more.



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