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Goodmus Charitable Foundation Launches is aim to Empower Nigerians Youths Unemployment

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In its stride to bring all and sundry into the ‘triangle of wealth ‘ inspite of the current dwindling economic situation in Nigeria and across the globe, Goodmus Charitable Foundation launched a ‘Global Cluster’ to alleviate sufferings and vulnerability among different categories of people.eople that arep financially free, financially independent, financially stable, financially unstable, and people that are having financial crisis are the categories of people expected to make the global cluster.

The President of Goodmus Charitable Foundation Ambassador Adekunle Badmos in an interview at the event said we are in the new erran, it is not about your certificate, it is about ‘sabificate’ which implies what can you do!

In his own words, he said;

“We are producing high numbers of high school graduates which a lot of time don’t get into tertiary institutions.

“Now we want to do something with global cluster to ensure we are equipping our young secondary school students from Jss1, up to ss3, those that are ‘JAMBITES’, writing jamb in and out, we want to equip them with knowledge, skills, we want to expose them to the global world through the global cluster”.

He said in the global cluster, members will be able to sell and create their unique talents, create their own cluster and join any kind of cluster they will be able to work with in the group.

” You will be able to sell something and earn money, you will be able to deploy your talent, you will be able to present it and display it in an event and people can pay you for it.

“You will be able to onboard members and vendors into the clustre, and earn some sort of great reward. You can earn up to 30 million per anum.

“We will be promoting accurate knowledge because knowledge is power, we will be promoting accurate information because information is the bridge between where you are and where you ought to be. We will be promoting accurate connection because to whom you are connected to determines what you collect”. He said.

The CEO of Arkview Dr Segun Osundairo who was at the event said he trusts the convener of the initiative Ambassador Goodmus, who is the Chief operating officer COO of Arcview Investment Damishnani limited, hence he will be supporting the Initiative.

In his word, he said;

“There are over 150 million jobless people in Nigeria. This is what we have been waiting for, this would move the country the government can’t do everything. As citizen we have to come together, think outside the box, and come out with one Initiative or the other.

“We have to give Kudos to Ambassador Goodmus for coming up with this. There will be several brand on the platform you can sell to easily. You can’t be there and not get what you will be doing.

” You bring in somebody, there is something for you. We want the media to put it out there so that we can alleviate the suffering of the people. Reduce the poverty rate in the country.

“So many of our youths are going outside the country for greener pasture, some are into cyber crime, which affects our reputation in the outside world. This intervention is legit, that is why we are here.

“If we have about 100 million Nigeria onboard, this would help them.

“We know what he can do. We trust his brand and we are in partnership with global cluster”. He said.

The CEO of Samantha events, Oshodi Olufunto, a participant at the event said she had her first money as an undergraduate through networking businesses, so the Initiative is timely.

“If this would work, this is what we need in Nigeria, things are hard. We need to help ourselves to get there. I told him about previous scam through networking scheme in the past, he must be able to win the trust of the people personally”. She said .

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