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LASUTH Commemorates World Cancer Day

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On this day when the whole world marks World Cancer Day, I daresay it is a good opportunity for all of us in the health provision space to reflect on the huge cancer burden in Nigeria.

Clearly, the high ratio of rural dwellers as well as the high illiteracy rate across the nation accentuate the crippling consequences of cancer.

Our citizens do not know the symptoms and signs of cancers, they do not know that early detection is possible, they do not even know where to go for consultations and treatment.

This is coupled with the fact that nation wide, cancer treatment centres are few and far between leading to situations where seekers of radiotherapy treatment, for instance, join long queues before accessing treatment. Some of them die while waiting.

In LASUTH, we advocate intensive community engagement in all its ramifications. Regarding cancers in particular, we will urge health authorities and other stakeholders to adequately promote community cancer awareness and screening programmes.

We also call on well meaning high networth Nigerians to partner with teaching hospitals like LASUTH to provide radiotherapy services.
May God help us all.

Professor Adetokunbo O. Fabamwo
Chief Medical Director

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