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My Encounter With A Mermaid On A Trip To Owerri

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It all started the night of December 20 last year. I boarded a bus from Orlu to Owerri town. I was attending a show and my favorite artist was billed to perform that night. I sat by the window of the second row, with one passenger left to complete it four.

As the bus crossed the Njaba river bridge, a tall fair beautiful lady stood by the roadside. She flagged down the bus, as the driver dragged his jalopy to a screeching halt. “Owerri?”, she inquired. The bus conductor opened the door for her and switched on the inner light. She negotiated her way inside and sat next to me. I praised God in my heart for sending this pretty damsel my way. The driver zoomed off.

As she adjusted to make herself comfortable, she unwittingly pulled up her mini-skirt, revealing her thick fleshy thighs in full bloom. I began to salivate and felt a bulge between my thighs. I couldn’t help the temptation, as I adjusted to steal glances of her thumping chest. As if she knew what was going on my mind, she brought out her phone and typed “Do you like what you see?” and showed it to me. I met her eye contact with a beaming smile, as I nodded in affirmation.

I was so sure in that moment that she was a “runs girl” looking for a quick night hook up. Confidently, I threw my arm over her shoulder and placed my hand on her chest. I met no resistance. My hand rested there for a while before I withdrew it, and place it gently on her laps. She looked at me and smiled as if she relished every move I made.

But I became scared and stopped just in time before other passengers noticed what’s going on. A feeling of guilt overwhelmed me. When we got to Akwakuma junction at about 10:30pm, I asked the driver to stop. I came down and boarded another bus to town. That was the only way I could flee that temptation. I was already running late for the show. When I alighted at Warehouse junction, the same lady from the other bus from Orlu stood there. She approached and whispered in my ears: “You can run, but cannot hide” – with a sardonic smile on her face.
I ignored her and started moving fast. There was no bus or taxi in sight. I wanted to get to Assumpta Cathedral at Control junction as fast as possible.
She followed me, and caught up with me at the “Otamiri” bridge between warehouse and control. She quickly held my hand and the next thing I could remember was waking up without my clothes on, in a hotel room, the morning of the following day. The bedspread was ruffled and I was so exhausted and hungry.

I managed to get out of bed, and went to the bathroom. I found nobody there. I realized that I was alone. She was gone. I tried to recollect how I got to the hotel. Nothing. I became so scared and cried. I found a note she left on the table that read:

My Encounter With A Mermaid On A Trip To Owerri

That was when I felt my manhood and realized it was gone. I still don’t know what to do. I feel like dying. My entire world is ruined.

Note: This story is based on true life experience as narrated by an anonymous user. Locations and characters are intended for fictional purposes only.

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