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PCRC Decorates Aare Adetola Emmanuelking and Wife Yeye Aderonke as Golden Grand National Patron/Matron, Marks 40th Anniversary

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The Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) has decorated Aare Adetola Emmanuelking, Chairman/CEO of Adron Homes, and his wife, Yeye Aderonke Emmanuelking, as the Golden Grand National Patron and Grand National Matron for women and youth committees of PCRC in Nigeria and diaspora. This prestigious honor was bestowed upon them during the PCRC’s 40th anniversary celebration, held in Lagos.

The ceremony, which took place in Lagos, was attended by National PCRC chairman, Alhaji Mogaji Ibrahim-Olaniyan and other members of the committee, dignitaries, community leaders, and members of the Nigerian Police Force. The PCRC’s decision to honor the Emmanuelkings highlights their unwavering commitment to community development and their substantial support for initiatives aimed at enhancing public safety and fostering cooperation between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

In his acceptance speech, Aare Adetola Emmanuelking expressed his profound gratitude for the recognition, stating, “This honor is not just for me and my wife but for every Nigerian who believes in the power of community and the importance of working together with our police force to create a safer and more harmonious society.”

In her reaction to the honor, Yeye Aderonke Emmanuelking emphasized the role of women and families in fostering community spirit and resilience. She noted, “Our communities thrive when we all play our part. As National Grand Patrons, we are committed to promoting initiatives that bring the police and the people closer together, ensuring mutual trust and cooperation.”

It will be recalled that the PCRC, established in 1984, by the then IGP, Etim Inyang has played a crucial role in bridging the gap between the Nigerian Police Force and local communities. Over the past four decades, the committee has launched numerous programs aimed at improving communication, trust, and mutual respect. This 40th-anniversary celebration not only commemorated the PCRC’s achievements but also set the stage for future endeavors to strengthen community policing.

The National PCRC chairman, Alhaji Mogaji Ibrahim-Olaniyan, praised the Emmanuelkings for their exceptional support and dedication. He remarked, “The Emmanuelkings have shown exemplary commitment to the ideals of the PCRC. Their leadership and philanthropic efforts have significantly contributed to the enhancement of community policing in Nigeria. Their new roles as National Grand Patrons will undoubtedly inspire further progress in our collective efforts to maintain peace and security.”

The chairman further stated that the decoration of Aare Adetola Emmanuelking and Yeye Aderonke Emmanuelking as National Grand Patrons stands as a testament to the power of community partnership and the enduring impact of dedicated civic leadership.

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