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PDP Goes Tough, Blasts APC Chieftains In Lagos Over Makinde

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– The PDP accused them of making remarks against Governor Makinde of Oyo state – Going further, the party praised Makinde for transforming Oyo state The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has lambasted some All Progressive Congress (APC) chieftains in Lagos state. Specifically, the party in a statement made available to Momentous called out Lanre Ogunyemi and Seye Oladejo, state secretary and publicity secretary of the Lagos chapter of the APC. Using strong words, the party in the statement signed by Barrister Femi Williams on behalf of the state chairman, Adedeji Doherty criticised the APC chieftains over their utterances against Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state. Here is the full statement as received by Momentous. “Our attention has been drawn to the irresponsible remarks targeted against our performing Governor Engr Seyi Makinde of Oyo state and credited to the garrulous State Secretary of the Lagos APC Lanre Ogunyemi and his naive publicity secretary Seye Oladejo. Southeast governors frustrating our efforts – Ohanaeze declares “We would like to state categorically that going by the antecedent of this Ijebu Igbo born man, we are not totally surprised by his outburst since “We are aware that many APC leaders have in the past complained bitterly about Ogunyemi’s inability to put his tongue in check and conduct his affairs responsibly, same problems he had with the party leaders when he was in AD which has eventually cost him a third term ticket into the House of Assembly under his present party the APC. “This opportunistic shenanigan rabble rouser, product of Lagos state college of Education (and later LASU ) has exhibited through his reckless utterances and irresponsible conduct that the university did not actually pass through him. “What should we then expect from an unenlightened man like Ogunyemi who does not understand the underlying basic principle and philosophy of public office. It is a known fact that your rank or office cannot dignify you but rather, it is the occupier of the office that has the obligation to dignify the office through his disposition, conduct, and utterances which, unfortunately, you both don’t have and consequently failed to exhibit. Herdsmen attacks: Federal govt should speak up, says Gov Okowa “Perhaps, it is pertinent at this juncture to put in proper perspective that HE Engr Seyi Makinde is a successful and well-educated businessman with a thorough engineering background and therefore cannot be placed on the same level with a disillusioned and senile character who at best should have been a secretary of a motor garage union. Ogunyemi should be reminded that Engr Makinde defeated his party the (APC) and their candidate in the last general election in Oyo state with a landslide margin and has since been performing excellently in all areas to the admiration of all his colleagues especially the APC governors in the Southwest. His resolve to ensure sustainable development in Oyo state is quite unprecedented, a state he met in comatose after eight years of mismanagement by the former (APC) governor. “He has rapidly transformed Oyo state, and the people of Oyo are solidly behind him, indeed he is a jewel and pride of the Nigerian governor’s forum. Presidency gives reasons why people should not protest against service chiefs “Let it be established today that in the fulness of time, Ogunbyemi and his inexperienced party secretary Oladejo will be made to eat their words come 2021. “In retrospect, with all the resources at the disposal of APC in Lagos during the 2015 general elections, the difference in the governorship elections results between the APC & PDP were less than two hundred thousand (200,000) votes. The story was similar in the 2019 elections and it has become obvious that Lagosians have had enough of the APC deceit and lies. “Certainly, it is difficult to understand why a man in such a sensitive position, will throw caution and cultural values in the wind simply to impress his paymasters. “Lanre Ogunyemi is shamelessly and notoriously noted for his cheap, bread and butter politics, an acclaimed Otto Awori Indegene by birth but also failed woefully to deliver his polling unit in the last general election in Ojo local government. The incumbent House of Reps member is a product of PDP having won the election in the 2015 and 2019 elections, so who says PDP can’t win the general Election? Bayelsa governorship: Adams Oshiomhole asked to resign “We are however not unaware of his fraternity with one of our (PDP) leaders in the Ojo local government,(name withheld) in the fullness of time, however, the said leader would be given an “OTOGE” treatment. “This narrative couldn’t have been a bit different had the APC chosen an experienced and grassroots politician instead of this weak and reckless duo. We can’t understand why Baba Olugunde, the former APC vice-chairman west, left Adekune Olayinka and gave Seye Oladejo such a sensitive position. We will not question his choice but if Adekunle Olayinka was the publicity secretary, he will think twice before taking a careless and stupid swipe at a sitting governor, an action that is illogical and idiotic. “If Seye Oladejo s mouth does not put him out of office now, we are sure that this kind of foolishness he displays, will not help him come back as APC publicity secretary, at least his political godfather Baba Ologunde the vice-chairman west senatorial who imposed Seye on the teaming members would have seen that Seye has been a colossal failure and as such might go with Adekunle Olayinka in his stead. This is what APC should do next after losing Bayelsa governorship seat – PDP “The tragedy of Lagos since the inception of third republic since 1999 is AD/AC /ACN APC “Sincerely, the APC at both the state and federal government levels have created a colossal loss to Nigeria in general and Lagos in particular. “It is right to state that Nigerians and a multitude of Lagosians have been plunged into abject poverty. Sadly, Lagos state is the number one debtor in the league of states in this nation. “Meanwhile, it is common knowledge that the internally generated revenue of Lagos state is more than enough to run the state successfully. “A state usually referred to as the centre of excellence has become a crippled state, unable to use its income and resources for any appreciable development. “Let us take a look at the scorecards of Lagos APC. Perverted educational system, extremely poor health services, a struggling transportation system, disjointed traffic management system, corruption in all facets of the administration with one noted family who sits atop all the resources of the state. These gentlemen should realise by now that the days of abusive politics are gradually coming to an end in Lagos as was the case in Oyo state. PDP reacts as party chieftains pledge loyalty to APC governor “Finally, we would like to sound a note of warning to Lenre Ogunjobi and Seye Oladejo to put their tongue in check and be civil in their conduct and candor as there is nothing to be proud or to celebrate in the woeful scorecards of APC in Lagos and Nigeria generally.”

“We all know that there is a saying that goes like this “ Empty Barrels make the most noise, the statement said.“ Meanwhile, Momentous had reported that Seyi Makinde insisted that he would not hesitate to waive his immunity if called to question concerning corruption.

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