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Trump successfully eliminated his target and reinforced America’s military dominance while Iranian leaders successfully massaged national ego.

End of discussion!

Obviously Iranian leaders correctly assessed their position and decided not to dare Trump further. They knew no American serviceman will be impacted by the missile attack of last night and actually prayed nobody was hurt. God answered their prayer and saved them from devastation by US.

Forget The Noise.

The worse LOSERS are US Democrats and their cowardly RTD Generals paid by #CNN to appear on TV and disgrace the uniforms they wore. My reading of the comments from them and other democrats convinced me as to why Obama chose to dash billions of dollar to Iran to buy fake peace when they could have forced non-nuclearization.

Apparently the leaders of Iran now know the difference between a Republican President and a fearful Democrat President.

Liberal media in US obviously lack sense of patriotism and national pride. They are like those Nigerians who celebrate when Boko Haram terrorists successfully attack our military or abduct Leah Sharibu and others. Spineless cowards with no sense of patriotism.

Las las, Iran’s so called “harsh retaliation” is simply face saving child’s play. Trump met his military objective and will pull back from further escalation while going behind to force Iran to the negotiating table.

Strategic Leadership.

Only those who didn’t listen to Trump during the 2016 election debates will be surprised with his tactics. He clearly said he does not like informing his enemies when he will launch attacks and mocked democrats for pre-announcing acts of war. No serious nation will engage in public debate on whether to go to war or not to protect her citizens and interest except those countries led by US Democrats and their liberal media proxies.

Just go back and read the moaning of Democrats and you will think US is arrayed against China or Russia. Even retired Generals were speaking like infants scared of being flogged by Aunty Iran.


Anyway, what do I know? I will always prefer Trump, Netanyahu and Putin to Pelosi, Biden and Sanders. That’s my choice…feel free to choose.

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