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About us

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We are Momentous Publisher Ventures, publishers of Momentous National Magazine – an independent media outfit – with an online platform reshaped to meet the growing dynamism of information technology culture.

Our magazine ‘Momentous National Magazine’ prides of ten thousand copies all-coloured published monthly, with seventy percent circulated in Nigeria and thirty percent in other countries to include South Africa, UK, USA, and Canada. Our online presence in the social media added full more steps making the online streaming a potential platform to disseminating information, and with our link with other media outfits – print and electronics, a wider coverage is guaranteed.

Our mission is to continuously satisfying the growing demand by individuals, corporate bodies, organizations, amongst others in media related services to a brand of note.

Our vision is to attain the number one spot in publicity and branding in global ranking.

To achieve our vision in the shortest possible time, our stories and services for wide reach are aired on electronic media – AIT, TVC, MITV, ONTV, NTA and others. We are into PR, branding and other media related services.
We conducted social media survey in order to canvass details on most spread of responses across platforms (print, broadcast, online) indicating range of views divided equally between roles in this era of digital environment. And this can be used to cover facts, feeding other digital applications. Not all responses answer all questions. We stand in this gap to inform mainstream news reporting of government activities and human interest stories.
We are aware of much of the media ill-position to creating