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100 Days: Love Letter To Kogi Wailers

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The second tenure of Governor Yahaya Bello and his deputy, Chief Edward Onoja will mark the first 100 days in office this week. The new direction administration since January 27, 2020 is building on successes recorded during GYB first term and breaking new grounds toward development of Kogi state.

However, the wailers, diaspora activists and ambassadors of hatred are busy spreading falsehood to dent Governor Yahaya Bello’s image and indirectly giving Kogi bad name in the national political space. Yesterday, the opposition and wailers circulated fake news about destruction imaginary N7billion Isolation Centre built by GYB as part of efforts to curtail COVID-19 spread. The mischievous elements betrayed logical reasoning by parading tent created by Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja as Kogi Isolation centre.

For record purpose, Federal Medical Centre, an agency under Federal Ministry of Health created the makeshift with their imprest and support from one organization in 2019 for Lassa fever. While Kogi State Government converted State Advanced Diagnostic Centre, Lokoja and other existing government buildings to Isolation centres and equipped them with necessary medical items. Governor Yahaya Bello didn’t use one kobo to build new Isolation Centre amidst ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s laughable that mischievous elements are they using old tactics which failed them in build to November Governorship Election. The unintelligent propaganda of 38 months outstanding salary arrears and nonperformance already trashed with facts. 

This is the right time for wailers and ambassadors of hatred to get wisdom and understand that Yahaya Bello is running with divine mandate and no amount rumors can stop him from leaving latest legacies in Kogi.

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