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Man Arrested While Trying To Detonate A Bomb In A Church

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So his name is Nathaniel Samuel. A Christian. And he is trying to detonate a bomb in a Church! On Sunday! At a volatile time when tempers are rocking the ceilings!

On the other flip side of the coin is Boko Haram video clips. Purported Muslims. Killing selected Christians. Mainly from the north central building the tempers.

Or supposed herdsmen attacking innocent people at night to give room for mass burials that raise tempers and tweak emotions.

On the roads, the kidnappers are there. Adding to the palpable tension.

The way these scripts get written is beyond comments. Even a balanced peace advocate can fall off track by overwhelming convincing evidence that are lies and half truths.

The hate in the hearts of some people in this country is something else. These twisted minds go to any length, including sacrificing a few human lives to make their omelet of death.

These are triggers we must all be alert to. Cannon fodders if we get carried away by the sentiments they brew.

The conspiracy theories being explored by crisis merchants is beyond Nollywood.

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