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A Distressed Husband Sealed Off Wife’s Vagina

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A distressed husband has sealed off his wife’s vagina after learning of her sexual escapades when he is out of town conducting business.

Mr. Dennis Mumo, a very respectable man from Kitui though loved his wife and couldn’t risk letting her go so he thought to put her on the right part by sealing her vagina with super glue till he returns from his business trip.

On Friday, Dennis was arrested for carrying out such gruesome act on his wife.

The wife was taken to hospital to undergo a series of medical treatment.

When penning down his statement, Dennis agreed that he was guilty and accepts all charges but he needed to do that to save his marriage and wife.

He stated that he had information about his wife engaging in sexual activities and it’s not healthy.

He had messages of his wife sending nude pictures and messages to other men with the caption, ” next week will be fireworks ” and a lot more.

The husband will face the law court on Monday where he will be charged with domestic violence. The wife will also be charged for her adulterous lifestyle.

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