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ALERT!!!Has Ekiti State Governor’s Lodge, T.Y Danjuma Street, Asokoro, Abuja Been Sold?

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The Ekiti State Governor’s Lodge situated on T. Y. Danjuma Street Asokoro, has disappeared from the landscape of that highbrow street.

The former edifice has been taken down, thereby necessitating enquiry into whether or not it has been sold.

This development is curious, thereby triggering thought provoking questions that the State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi must provide answers to, as Ekiti people will like to know what’s going on.

  1. The befitting edifice hitherto sitting on this expansive land was built less than seven years ago, now taken down.

Before this demolition, the edifice that was never a building under heavy use, had served only the Governor anytime he chooses to stay there whenever he comes to Abuja.

The edifice was in such a good state to continue to serve as Ekiti State Governor’s Lodge, that should not warrant being taken down for a totally new structure and to be replaced with a 15ft Sadam Hussein bunker like foundation as being presently frenetically dug by the workers working day and night.

  1. Thereby provoking these questions;

a. Has the previous edifice been sold?

b. Is it the new owner that is erecting another structure on that prime land on that highbrow location sitting on 2000sqm on T .Y Danjuma, Asokoro, Abuja?

  1. If the construction of the new building going on presently is not by the Fayemi led Ekiti State Government, then it will mean that the property hitherto on that parcel of land had been sold.
  2. So who is the new owner?
  3. How much was it sold?
  4. Was it sold through a competitive bidding process?
  5. How much was paid into Ekiti State Government coffers?

But If it was Ekiti State Government that demolished the former structure and building a new one, then these questions will be begging for answers.

  1. At what time did the former structure become dilapidated or badly run down to warrant total demolition to pave way for a new one?
  2. What is the cost of the new building?
  3. Who are the contractors handling the new construction?
  4. Did it go through competitive bidding process?
  5. Did the State House of Assembly approve of this new gargatuan project?
  6. Is this project in 2020 Budget of Ekiti State?
  7. What is the justification for spending billions of Naira on a New Governor’s Lodge in Abuja at a time like this when resources are scarce and lean?
  8. Should a New Governor’s Lodge in Abuja be the most auspicious priority project for the Governor Fayemi led Government of Ekiti State?

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