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An Analysis of The Personality of Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu And His Suitability To Be Imo State Governor In 2024

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Ik Ogbonna, fcai, anipr.
A wise man, William Shakespeare once wrote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” In other words, some people are lucky to be born with leadership personality traits, while many others must learn to acquire the skill over time and experience. Being a leader requires specific qualities and skills, which can be developed through practice and time”. Heather Elizabeth Mitterer in her article on: The Role of Personality in Leader Effectiveness, opined that “personality has an impact on many areas of our life. It can regulate how we interact with our family, our friends, and our spouse. However, our personality also play a role in our effectiveness as leaders”
As the race for Imo Douglas House is gradually heating up, many hands have continue to point towards the National Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu (SamDaddy) as the best man for the job in the 2024 governorship position in Imo State. One does not need to wonder what informed this decision of many Imolites. Apart from his track records in good governance and development in Imo, Senator SamDaddy stands tall with an appealing personality trait which has undoubtedly endeared him to a wide section of Imo people.


The personality of Senator Samuel Anyanwu popularly called SamDaddy makes him a man of the people and so will surely be People’s Governor; who will also feel the pulse of the people and put their interests first in all his official decisions.

There are special qualities in him that have kept Imolites salivating at the mention of the name, “SAMDADDY”.

SamDaddy is FRIENDLY. Right from his days as Executive Chairman of Ikeduru LGA, HUMILITY and FRIENDLYNESS were part of his life, hence he was tagged ACTION CHAIRMAN.

Senator SamDaddy is an easy going person who is ACCOMODATING of various people and interests without any discrimination. He welcomes the opinions of people on issues. He is not dictatorial and this is why he is a grassroot man who feels the pulse of the people.

Senator SamDaddy is NON-ELITIST. He doesn’t mingle with only high and mighty of our society or VIPs but associates with people of various classes and backgrounds and shares ideas with them. He doesn’t operate a master-servant relationship. He doesn’t lord it over people.

SamDaddy is ACCESSIBLE. He operates an OPEN DOOR system for the people to come in whenever he is around. He receives calls from people and also calls them to know how they are doing.

Senator SamDaddy is CHARISMATIC. He loves his people and they love him. He is a leader who always is in touch with his people and fights for their rights; he strives to pursue the collective dreams of his people.

Senator SamDaddy is an EASY-GOING person. As a practicing Christian, he is FORGIVING to those who offend him in line with our Lord’s Prayer. As a man who hates pomposity, his is always humble to apologize for his wrongs. This is rare in many leaders of today.

Senator SamDaddy is RESILIENT. He has the ability navigate through difficult situations. He doesn’t bow to challenges around him while working for a better society.

Senator SamDaddy is EMPATHIC. He feels the pains of people around him; he cries whenever they cry. His great concern for a better society for all. This was what prompted him to join politics and he has been lending a helping hand to many people to alleviate their sufferings. He is a leader per excellence who is always in touch with the people. He doesn’t hole himself up in mansions and remember the people during campaigns. He is the kind of leader Imolites are currently yearning for.

Senator SamDaddy is an AUTHENTIC person. He is always real; he doesn’t live a fake or pretentious life to hoodwink the masses. He doesn’t package himself with falsehood in order to draw favour or political capital. Unlike other politicians who become emergency “philantropist” during campaign seasons, Senator SamDaddy is always a man of the people in all seasons. He doesn’t disappear into the thin air after elections like others; he always mingle with the people, no matter their class. Today, many leaders live fake lives but SamDaddy is real and authentic, which is what the people want a leader to be.

Finally, Senator SamDaddy is an ACTIVE LISTENER. His ability to carry people along is legendary. His active listening trait places him above many governorship aspirants in Imo State. He is a team player who applies critical thinking to achieve solutions to various problems. He is a problem solver who samples opinions of people around him in challenging situations.

A man with the intellect, character, charisma like SamDaddy is undoubtedly the man who can take Imo out of the woods and these sterling qualities have really endeared him to Imolites who are thirsty of good governance. This is the reason why they will continue to salivate at the mention of SAMDADDY until he becomes their governor and bring to bear his overwhelming leadership traits for the much needed prosperity and development of Imo State.


It will surely end in praises!
Ik Ogbonna is an Owerri based Journalist and PR Consultant.

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