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COVID-19 Lockdown: LASTMA Decries Violation Of Traffic Laws By Exempted Motorists.

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By Sedan Awobiye

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority on Saturday decried disregard for traffic rules and regulations by motorists exempted from the lockdown order to curb spread of Coronavirus.
The General Manager of LASTMA, Olajide Oduyoye, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that the disobedience to traffic rules was accidents waiting to happen.
Oduyoye, assessing the traffic situation, said: “The traffic is a bit stabilised once the enforcement of unnecessary and unauthorised vehicular movement was stepped up few days ago.
“However, the few vehicle owners that have been allowed seem to be breaking most traffic rules, driving against flow of traffic, reversing on major highways, jumping red lights and speeding.
“The traffic queue lengths have also reduced and being managed properly by the Police supported by officers of LNSC (Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps) and others.”
Oduyoye advised the motoring public that were allowed to be on the road either officially or going to the market, to drive carefully and obey traffic rules.
According to him, traffic rules and regulations are not on lockdown.
He said: “They (motorists) must be at alert from a safety and security point of view and most importantly adhere to all traffic rules and regulations because those laws are not on lockdown and they have certainly not been suspended either.
“Drive defensively so that the potential irresponsible act of other motorists does not invariably cost you your dear life.
“Just be careful on the roads and stay safe.”
President Muhammadu Buhari in a Presidential broadcast on the Coronavirus pandemic on March 29 gave a restriction order on movements in Lagos, Ogun and the FCT.
The lockdown is for an initial period of 14 days with effect from 11pm on March 30.

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