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So much is gained into the knowledge of any kind by the shut cut, provided at watching great and incisive movies, reading great information and knowledge base books and staying current with what is Happening to people around you.
You may now, not have to live too long as in early times, before learning to know how to avoid the hurtful mistakes of your current and past grand parents., as well as other people who existed before in our “various” abides of present comfort.

When you find people who have no desperation/hunger to learn from documented, as well as other person’s experiences and history, then that person must be in enormous unsecured haste into making things happen to him and people around him, such that he could learn “first hand” from the Pains and benefits therein.
Painfully people in that category may suffer too much from many avoidable unpleasant consequences from happenstances they allowed to happen to them in fits of unwise adventures, which their kids and younger research persons could effortlessly avoid due to knowledge gained from films, novels, or instructive and easy to digest historic informations which the aged CLUELESS could not comprehend nor trust, due to undue contentment in ignorance. Reasoned by Godwin onion Sanco Esq.

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