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Don’t Politicise The Lagos Amotekun Corps…. Stakeholders Raise Alarm..

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Concerned Stakeholders in Lagos State came together over the weekend under the aegis of Lagos Security Watch Monitors to discuss all about the Amotekun Corps and other allied security issues.

The Chairman of the group, Comrade Olalekan Coker, was visibly angry about the way and manner the Lagos State Government is playing politics with the whole arrangements. “It is very obvious that these people are only interested in controlling all about the Corps for personal and political gains. Why would any sane Government that’s interested in protecting the lives of the people be concerned just about being in control of the State Security Arms being put together for the benefits of all in the SW?

From information reliably gathered, the Lagos State Neighborhood Corps (LSNC) is presently being manned by different categories of people from different parts of Nigeria. “How safe are we with operatives already employed from the Northern parts that are presently in the LSNC? How do we harmonise same bunch from the Eastern part too? Will they be able to protect our territories honestly as would have naturally be handled by our own Yoruba people? The Secretary, Otunba Yemi King opined.

In all honesty, for anything meaningful to be done and achieved concerning the Amotekun Corps, the numerous local vigilante groups already operating in the SW must be consulted. We have quite a good size of these groups like the: Agbekoya, OPC, Oranmiyan etc. With their understanding of the terrains around, we can just go to bed and feel very secured that these known and well established outfits will perform.

Comrade Olalekan Coker finally warned that politicizing the Corps or recruiting those that will be loyal to a particular individual or group will be detrimental to the aims and objectives of founding the Corps. “Whoever tries to control directly or indirectly the operations of the Amotekun Corps for them to always dance to his whims and caprices will be faced with crisis. Such a person or group will be generally exposed to be an enemy of Yorubaland. Such will be disgraced soon by the gods of the land. He concluded.

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