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By Nosa Omorodion

From the way things had been going with the Edo APC imbroglio, given Godwin Obaseki’s recalcitrance, political pundits had been of the opinion that it would be difficult for him to get the 2020 APC Governorship Ticket. What no one had been confident to say however, was that it would be impossible.

The growing rascality of the Governor and his Deputy, Philip Shaibu, in the past week or two, had been enough for anyone to venture a bolder forecast of the hopelessness of Obaseki’s quest for the ticket. Together, they had taken their insolence and ingratitude towards their mutual benefactor, Adams Oshiomhole, to unimaginable heights. Yet, many opted to play safe about judging the resolution of the conflict.

In livid rage and definite dementia, Governor Godwin Obaseki threw caution to the wind betraying his approval of guerrilla warfare and jungle justice against his fellow party men, who unfortunately he had made enemies for suggesting that they were not supporting his second term ambition.

No wonder, fingers have been pointing in his direction for the shootouts and bombings that have taken place in the residences of those he had literally declared war on. Instructively, no arrests have been made even when witnesses have mentioned names.

As if to divert attention from the real perpetrators of the politically instigated violent acts in Edo State, Philip Shaibu had ran to the Police Headquarters in Abuja to call for the arrest of Adams Oshiomhole, his political benefactor, who had neither been near the scenes of the crimes nor uttered any statement that could be considered inciting.

Apparently, enraged by a sense of rejection and frustration for not being able to instigate the security agencies against the APC National Chairman, Obaseki considered activating delayed vendetta just to cause his foes colossal financial, material loss and possibly trauma. He therefore determined to become the bull in the China shop.

Thus, he remembered the threat to demolish Tony Kabaka’s hotel, which he alleged was built on a piece of government land. Without waiting for the matter to be resolved by the court where it had been taken to, he ordered a bulldozer, under heavy security cover to destroy the hotel and cause one of his arch opponents grief and to demonstrate the extent of the power in his possession.

The bulldozer has done the deed of reducing the multi-million edifice to rubble.

While Obaseki’ supporters are celebrating the act, as justified, courageous and strategic, conscientious Edo men and women have viewed it as a most thoughtless foolhardy demonstration of wicked victimization.

The quarter from which the most significant response is expected is that of the APC stakeholders who he seems to have launched a take no prisoners war against. To them, this must be the last straw that broke camel’s back.

Truly, given the magnitude of this lack of charity and regard for the powerful Edo APC stakeholders, it is left to see how the spell Obaseki would cast could make them put in his hand the ticket with which he could effectively end their political careers in his second coming.

In conclusion, political pundits may now confidently assert that with the pulling down of Tony Kabaka’s hotel, Obaseki has definitely broken the hedge. And the consequence of this action against the background of the proverbial bone of contention, is certain.


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