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Exclusive: Prophet TB Joshua Reveals How God Speaks To Him

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Call him one of the most talked about Prophets in the world and you are not far from the truth.

Notable Televangelist, Prophet TB Joshua, has revealed how God speaks to him.
The controversial Prophet who has been a subject of heavy criticism for ages and most recently when he returned from a ‘prayer mountain’ after days of self isolation revealed that, as against human reasoning and understanding, God speaks to him by faith. The Prophet who was reacting to various and constant debates about his mystical ways and his source of power said, “Faith must first be in the heart before there could be an accepted confession. That means faith must first be in the heart before there could be an acceptance of prayer, request, talk from God. Faith is of man’s heart, which is spirit. Heart literarily means a different thing from the spirit. You use your faith to put a demand.”

“If you are to read the Bible, you must be carried along by the Holy Spirit but nowadays, we read the Bible, we pray without any attention to the Holy Spirit, without any regard to the Holy Spirit.
Before you read the Bible, you need to seek the attention of the Holy Spirit because the Bible is the tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit.’’
He said, “I use my faith to place a demand because, faith is a channel through which the anointing flows. That means you use your faith to put a demand and ask for whatever you want. If there is faith in your heart, you can close your eyes and make a demand that you want to know what is happening around the world and before your know it you will see the vision. There is what you called a measure of faith a deep, deeper, deepest faith. Faith grows as we hear the word and obey it.”
He said although, we are not all at the same level, but “all things are possible to him that believes. Because what is possible for you may not be possible for me.

The Popular prophet who also revealed that he regularly visits mountains to rest instead of being in the atmosphere of technology said anywhere can be referred to as a prayer mountain, it only depends on the state of our heart and that he only visited the mountain just to have a rest. Many prefer to be in an atmosphere of technology, modern days – but I choose to be in an atmosphere of nature and according to him, that makes him hear from God.

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