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Nigeria government has been urged to ensure to make the policy that would give a girl child an equal opportunity to be educated in going to school like a boy without being relegated.

The Airport Manager for Murtala Muhammed Airport and Regional Manager for Southwest Airport, Mrs Shin Aba Victoria, revealed this on Friday during the maiden seminar and celebration of International Day of Education held at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Schools hall, by the Association of Women in Governance that it is important to do it right by encouraging the girl child to discover she has a great potential in her to become great in future. At the length of letting a girl child go to school.

Speaking at the Seminar themed “Missed Opportunities; The high cost of not Educating Girls” said missed opportunities had been recorded in the past among our mothers and fathers where they had the mentality that if you send a girl child to school she would end up taking the knowledge to the husband house but today she expressed that she could joyfully use herself an example to change the wrong mentality that sending a girl child to school does not actually ending girls knowledge in her husband house but she manage the biggest Airport in the nation without the lack of excellence. Also it has been slogan that what a man can do a woman can do it better and women who are vibrant and in various position today with a record of excellence cannot be silenced and over emphasized in the society . She said.

The School Principal, Mrs Stella Otoide spoke in her opening address speech that Murtala Muhammed Airport Schools believed in educating a complete child and encouraged more in grooming the students so well in career training from the junior secondary level.
She stated that it is high time Nigeria gave more enlightenment to educating a girl child as it is really encouraging that the United nation marks the international Day of Education also that things about girl child and women have been kept at the background for too long in nigeria and if we do not passionately bring them up to let the society know that the Girls and women are asset to the society we would be losing out in nigeria.
She described how the school specially give the students at the junior level a career training to enable them assesibly know whether it is a science class or commercial class he would be wired in where his level of psyche ahead could be in senior classes so as to be easy for them. She explained further that the students had been engaged in different competition with short time of invitation and had once won the school second in position in Toyota Dream Car competition.

The Chairperson for the Association of Women in Governance, Dr. Bridget Gold extended her appreciation to the League of companies and law firm like Geometric, Folarin Odeyale, Alami and Mr Richard & co which supported the group in treasure and kindness to ensure and establish the enlightenment campaign to include our women in the record of excellence and encourage the Girl child to go to school.
Other in attendance were Favour Samuel the MC and Magareth Orji Osakwe with some selected schools.

Bridget informed that the group began in the year 2019 with a vision to become a strong driving force for gender parity and career advancement for women. And with the research the group has made that there are girls out there who need education and have no opportunity and sponsors, made today the group their Advocate.

The group which mission is to create awareness and promote gender equality and advance women capacity and leadership skills through deliberate partnerships with principal agencies, organisation and institutions.

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