By Sesan Awobiye 


Apart from experience, innovation, dynamism which are essential styles in the creative industry, expectably just like entertainment, fashion which is worldwide trending, local, international designers explore the greater opportunities available through GTBank Fashion Weekend (GTCO FSHN WKND), on Saturday 11th November to Sunday 12th 2023 in Lagos.

Based on reports in the publications as revealed by the Group Chief Executive Officer of GTCO plc, Mr. Segun Agbaje, there is a combination of delivering top-tier financial services with creating the biggest retail experiences in Africa. An era of solving the poise of regular questions at GTCO consumer-focused events, investor presentations and even on some platforms for various categories of scheduled activities such as thriller masterclass: “unveiling the path to fulfilling Dreams”, and “mental health”.

This year GTCO FSHN WKND is beyond experimentation but classic and aesthetic tagged: “as Promoting Africa’s Finest”. Ironically, I remember one of my Lecturers who said: “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” What has been displayed at these pavilions of the GTCO fashion weekend is far more than the expectation and comprehension. Even a handful designers, brands that exhibit came in as a “virgin designer” and creatives as they excel, at this year 2023 GTCO fashion weekend exploring greater opportunities.

At the pavilion, giving the account of a female vendor, Mrs. Adebayo, founder of Boundless Apparel, which specializes in hand-made bracelets, necklaces, and also does beauty costumes for weddings and for events, he testified to great experience!

Mrs. Kemi Adebayo, said that she’s delighted to sell below the prices of the items in her store. They are far more than enthusiasts and rate their performances and profits beyond 70%, some are even beyond 80% which is exceedingly interesting considering the recent economic situation and naira scarcity and inflation experiencing great patronage by the potential customers and fashion enthusiast visiting stands.

Another exhibitor, a first timer, Mrs. Bemi of Bemi Ivory said that she came with female clothing and rate the organization more as she says double appreciation with spotless experience: “I will describe the experience here as amazing! I am very grateful for this platform because there are a lot of visitors and patronage at the event. I will describe it as okay, and I will give them 100%,” she said.

Bemi said: “To my amazement, it’s been really awesome and I’m grateful to GT Bank for the experiences. To be honest with you, like I said, this is my first experience with them and if given another opportunity I would comment on where I think they should improve on. But GtBank Fashion Weekend is indeed a good place to be.”

She leverages on the “free used of exhibition space at the pavilion and presence of potential customers trooping in: “We have had interesting people, we had good sales today and we are very grateful to GTbank and thankful to God Almighty for everything because everything we use here is given to us free of charge, courtesy of GTbank. Therefore, we had to bring down the prices of everything below costs at our store.”

Most of the pavilion’s visits by crew shows the highest quality standard of products peculiar to global demand with unique styles and ambient creativity as displayed by the designers not only available for outright purchase but also for aesthetic and appreciation.

Also, a joyous customer account at the event in company of her wife, Mr Dickson, said that the prices are fair, and that the event is very interesting. “They reflect our culture, and it’s good. The quality is nice. I think we should continue to patronize our products. The performance is really impressive, there are quite a lot of items to pick here,” he said.

It was stated that GTCO fashion weekend is one of the finest of the decade, indeed the mammoth crowd participants reveals an initiative of progressives even this time of our economy situation and juxtaposing the quality of material with the available resources to achieve the best ever standards and qualities authenticated by the players of the industry.

Empowering entrepreneurship, creative designers’ desire and courage, skills and talents, even inspiration, jiggered through world class supports a driving force that is class entertainment and communication which has been revolutionized. There comes another one-fashion bridge up with innovation and perfectionist concepts coupled with technology.

This year’s evolving trends with digital innovations like virtual runaway shows and virtual fitting rooms are democratizing access to the fashion shopping world and experiences. The Model Casting for 2023 Fashion weekend including: “mentoring, catch them young syndrome” and more talents across Africa’s continent. With mammoths of participants the value of social, economic impact on people’s lives cannot be overemphasis.

As emerging continents developing markets are not again saying to refer to Africa’s creatives, fashionista as the finest, biggest ever witnessed by thrilled by the “finest”, best showcase talents of innovation, dynamism and enterprise spirits exhibited in various pavilions. There is a tendency without doubts that the results and feedback on this year 2023 GTCO fashion weekend will amount to wealth in the fashion industry.

This weekend kind of gathering as planned has increased the zeal, potential skills of an average fashionista, youths, females of Africa designers, which is one of the major driving forces. GTCO fashion stands as one of the very passionate driving forces to enrich people’s lives.

Perhaps the textile industry locally will be spurred to be revived, with the help of relevant industry players, other allied industries technologists that can improve the industrial revolution, both training and empowerment aspect, including financial support and leverages preparing them for another phase of “finest” to create development of the manufacturing industry in Nigeria and Africa beyond!