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How To Handle Boredom During Lockdown!!

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You and your family will still be home alone for the next 9 days minimum. As individuals we don’t have a choice as it is a government verdict. With this period of in activity comes Boredom, Frustration, and for the Single Adults Loneliness.

Considering our level of Socio-cultural interaction as Nigerians, This stay alone is strange, We need to condition Our Minds to Adapt and be Strong.

Here are some tips on how to kill boredom and Loneliness..

  1. List out Tasks you want to engage in and accomplish while you’re at home.

2. Engage in family bonding sports and activities with, Ur kids.. Ask them to debate, Play Family Games etc..

  1. Engage your friends and family via Social media.
  2. Start a garden or attend to yours if you already have..
  3. Play online games with Distant Friends..
  4. Learn something new on-line
    Google is Ur Teacher…
    Just think of anything!!!.. The knowledge is there…
  5. Read a book or books… Choose movitvational Books or books in the genre of your intrest …Motivational novels can engage d Mind…
  6. Research on your topics of interest. Or Ur Intending Business Venture and Ur New Strategy after Covid!!
  7. Write down your short and long term goals . At Work or In Life Generally….
  8. Clean your house or Apartment …
  9. Finish work that is long overdue. Reported, Accounts, e-mail Response…

12. Call Old friends and Family… WhatsApp calls are cheaper… This brings New Memories And Happiness..

13. Start an exercise regimen. Use this period to keep fit and workout

I hope you found this helpful to fill your time Out at this Covid Lock down..

May God Make U and I come Out of It stronger & Better…
@ OJIKUTU Cares..❤❤❤

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