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  1. ENetSuD wishes to inform the community members of Ita Elepa in Oja Gboro, Ilorin that the Federal Government’s drainage project in the community was petitioned by ENetSuD to EFCC (petition number: ENetSuD/EFCC/01/05 dated 3rd September, 2019).
  2. The project was commendably facilitated by Sen. Abubakar Bukola Saraki as 2017 – 2019 constituency project to find a lasting solution to the persistent erosion problem in the community, but was poorly executed by Federal Ministry of Environment, Abuja who received money for its execution from Federal Government.
  3. The contractor (BUAN Projects Limited) received ₦85,766,298 from the Federal Ministry of Environment and said the project was 100% completed
  4. The Ministry and the contractor were supposed to construct 940.82 cubic meter of concrete Drainage, but ENetSuD found that only 297 cubic meter was constructed. This clearly shows that the project was not completed as claimed by the Ministry.
  5. The Federal Ministry of Environment and the contractor claimed that the physical structure (drainage) at the site is equivalent to ₦61,896,640 but ENetSuD’s measurement and evaluation revealed that it worths just ₦18,312,416.
  6. After ENetSuD’s petition, EFCC found merit in ENetSuD’s petition, granted ENetSuD’s prayers and has ordered the contractor to return to site and complete the missing items as per the approved Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation (BEME).
  7. The contractor has now returned to site, and ENetSuD wants the community (as the direct beneficiaries) to use this rare opportunity to monitor the corrections that are to be done by the Ministry and contractor (BUAN Projects Limited).
  8. To simplify it, the contractor (BUAN Projects Limited) is now expected to additionally construct the following structures so as to justify the money he was paid by the Ministry: (I) Six Hundred and Forty-Three (643) cubic meter of concrete drainage, (II) Seventy-Five (75) cubic meter of reinforced access slabs, and (III) Four Hundred and Seventy-Five (475) square meter of Rip Rap.
  9. The community should take further notice that a total of Two Hundred Million naira (₦200,000,000) was budgeted in 2018 and 2019 for the same project to cover different locations as project expansion, and are to be executed by Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nigeria and different contractors.
  10. We are aware that the 2018 contract has been awarded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nigeria, while the award of 2019 contract might be done soon.
  11. Thus, the community members are called to note that the corrections to be done by the defaulting contractor (BUAN Projects Limited) are not the same as the 2018 and 2019 parts of the project that are to be executed by different contractors from Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nigeria. So, any cover-up of the poorly-executed 2017 part with the new 2018 and 2019 parts should not be allowed by the community.


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