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My Late Husband Padlock My Heart And Took The Keys With Him

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…Iya Rainbow Reveals Why She Has Refused To Sleep With Any Man For 36 Years

Popular Veteran actress, Idowu Phillips otherwise called Iya Rainbow who lost her husband in 1984 has allegedly not laid with any man since then.

The Veteran, who love became a thing of the past when her husband died, is aging gracefully and still looking ‘fly’. 

You will recall that some years agon, in an interview with PUNCH, Iya Rainbow, despite everything keeps up her stance on remarriage, declined engaging in s*xual relations with any man since she turned into a widow.

This is coming after she become a Revered and founded a church in Ikorodu Lagos, The mother of five recalled the difficulty caused her lose interest in sleeping with any man again.

“I didn’t re-marry because many men are liars and I don’t like that. They come to your house, feel comfortable, you cook for them and probably have s*x with them and then they say ‘I would see you tomorrow,’ but you will never see them again. I don’t like that. It is better for someone to carry one’s cross. It is just that it is not easy to raise children. I advise widows to walk in my footsteps, I know it is not easy not to re-marry but with prayers, God would help them.” She said.

“Then, I did not even remember that I am a woman. I pray no one goes through what I went through. Then, the only time I remembered that I am a woman was when I wanted to ease myself. There were times I would be home and for three days, there would be nothing to eat. I would just be crying. I have a child in London now. When she was in secondary school, her friends had rich parents who always bought them provisions but what I did in our case was to stuff my daughter’s bag with newspapers. Then I would buy a few things and put them in the newspapers, so people would think the box was filled to the brim. I am just blessed with good children who are content with what they have. Seven of us used to stay in a one-bedroom apartment and when we drank garri, my children would be using toothpick in public as if they ate rice and chicken. I thank God that now, we are able to eat rice and chicken. When things were very hard for me,” she added.

The mother of five, disclosed that she can never give marriage a thought again, as her late husband has closed her heart with a padlock and took the keys with him.

“Over my dead body would I get married again. My husband closed (my heart) with a padlock and he went away with the key. I don’t trust the men of these days. There was one that said he wanted to marry me but he ran away after he saw all my kids. I have forgotten how to want a man. With five kids to cater for, I had no thoughts of that. In those days, I could go to four different locations in a day, to tell you how hard I was working to make money to take care of my children.” She said.

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