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Oshiomhole Must Go – Ekiti APC Chairman

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Now that the appeal court has returned Adams Oshiomhole to office as the APC national chairman, where do you still stand?

That is the appeal court. That is not the final court of the land. My position is that Adams Oshiomhole must go. I don’t have any contradiction to that and I have my reason. I don’t have anything personal against him, but I think he is too autocratic and he is too sophisticated for the progress and stability of our party in this country. Somebody like me wants him to leave and I still stand by that that he needs to leave. He must leave if this party is to move forward.

Don’t you think the crises and the numerous court cases against your party and as well divisions would affect the APC chances in future elections?

No. These are issues that will be resolved. If Oshiomhole is not doing well and we are clamouring for his exit, he will surely leave and when he leaves, there will be peace. I know for sure. So, nothing is going to affect us. The issue of Oshiomhole is not going to polarise our party, it is a matter of principle, this person is not doing very well and that he needs to leave. I believe that at a point he will see the need to resign and go. The APC is solid, nothing will affect our party. No matter what is happening within our party is just a family issue that will be resolved in a manner it will not create any serious crisis or tension.


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