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Global Crusade With Kumuyi


…says he receives the award as sign of not retiring but firing on

The convener of Global Crusade with Kumuyi (GCK) and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, PASTOR W F KUMUYI has been honoured with a Global Lifetime Achievement Award by Christian body in Ghana.

The award, which is in recognition of his immense sacrifice, devotion to the work of the Gospel of Christ and thousands of hours of service to humanity was presented to him by the International Clergy Association (ICA) Incorporated during a brief ceremony to end the GCK Ministers’ and Professionals’ Conference held at the auditorium of Royal House Chapel in Accra Ghana.

It would be recalled that the Ministers’ and Professionals’ Conference held on the sideline of the GCK April edition with the theme “Enabling Grace and Power for the End Time Harvest”, which started on Friday, April 22, ended today with the message by the convener, Pastor Dr Kumuyi titled, “Unlimited Grace and Unfailing Power for Unstoppable Harvest”, where he charged participants to remain resolute in the abundant grace and awesome power to win their communities and nations for Christ.

While presenting the award to the renown gospel preacher, the President of ICA Inc., Bishop Dr Charles Abban said, “The world story depends not on one of us, not on some of us, but all of us. I congratulate you Sir, for taking it upon yourself to contribute to the public good. The International Clergy Association Inc. is proud to present to you with the Global Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of your thousands of hours of service to humanity.

“The world history has been strengthen by those who combine an optimism about what can be done with resilience to turn vision into reality. I know we are not alone in recognising that those who are willing to step up and volunteer to empower others spiritually and are continually raising leaders for the ongoing work of forming a perfect union.”

He stated that, By sharing your time and love, you are helping people to discover and deliver solutions to challenges we face and the solutions that we need now more than ever. We are living in moment that calls for hope, light and love. Hope for our future, light to see our way forward and love for one another. Through your services, you are providing all these three.

“We recognise the great anointing upon your life. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to you for your volunteered leadership. You have touched the life of millions on earth. The whole world and the world to come will never forget your impact.”

Meanwhile, the Convener of GCK, Pastor Dr WF Kumuyi has accepted the award and expressed his appreciation to the International Clergy Association for the honour, saying “We receive it as the sign that we are not stopping, we are not retiring but we are firing on”.

And that he received the award with a new challenge to begin a new focused evangelistic journey in partnership with the ICA platform to take the gospel of Christ through the GCK to the rest of the world.

He said, “Praise the Lord, it’s a great time to have been together. I really appreciate the reception of the word, receiving the word and wanting to go out with the grace, power and strength of the Lord to take our land, Ghana, West Africa, Africa, and beyond. To take that for the Lord in Jesus name.

“And I appreciate the International Clergy Association that has thought of this award. I have received the award with a new challenge, that the same grace, the same power, and the same faith, I have by the grace of God received and manifested and appreciated by the church in Ghana. I pray I will now start the new journey, focused journey, evangelistic journey from here, from the platform of the International Clergy Association in Ghana.

“This will be a new platform to launch ahead and as the body has promised that they are available to take the gospel of Christ to the rest of the world, I accept their offer to Christ. I accept the willingness to serve the Lord and we will join by the grace of God our talents, our gifts, our resources, our lives, our everything together and they and I and you and them and us together we will take this gospel through GCK to the rest of the world in Jesus name. Amen

“Here am I, young at heart, grey headed, but a youth inside my heart. Anywhere in Ghana, Kumasi, Takoradi, Soyadi and everywhere I am ready. They are already, we are ready altogether. West Africa, Central Africa, Northern Africa and Southern Africa. The call has come, you, them, I, we are going together.

“There is large population of Ghanaians, Nigerians, West African, South Africans, and a large population everywhere. Whether it’s Germany, Spain, Europe, or England, or America, or Southern America or Chile, anywhere you go you would find us Nigerians, Ghanaians there. And our international body will link up with our embassies in all of those places and more than what has happened over here in Accra and in this Ministers’ Conference, this is just the beginning, we are taking the gospel of Christ from here to all the places in Jesus name.

The body of Christ here will send us there. Your money will send us there. You men and women, women of weight, women of power and men of weight and men of power and people believers in government of this country you will join all hands together, we are going to lead the world together with the gracious, glorious and, great GCK event all over the world.

“Once again thank you for the award. We receive it as the sign that we are not stopping, we are not retiring but we are firing on.”




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