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To increase the market penetration of its brand, the Premium paints manufacturing company, Pirosa paint has opened its Lagos office.

Speaking during the unveiling of the Lagos office, the Chairman of Pirosa global resource, prince Ebohon, disclosed that Pirosa paint Lagos office was burned out of the desire of the company to bring products/services closer to the Lagos market.

“Pirosa paint is a household name in Edo State, Nigeria, where we manufacture our premium paints and having conquered the Edo market, the right step now is to bring the same quality paints to Lagos.

“We are the manufacturer and marker of high-quality paint products which includes Architectural Paints, Industrial and Marine Paints, Wood Finishes, Auto Refinishes, Road lining Paints, build paints, High-Performance Coatings and many more.

“We are committed to the vision of being the undisputed and dominant leader in the finishing business of the construction sector with quality and reliable products, excellent customer service and market presence and above all, affordability”.

Pirosa paint is a paint manufacturing company with a factory/Head office situated in the heart of Benin, Edo state. It prides itself on top-notch high-quality paints. to the Nigerian Market.

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