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Queen Elizabeth Might Never Be Seen Again Due To COVID-19

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According to The Times, Queen Elizabeth “will remain at Windsor Castle indefinitely,” adding that, “the queen is to withdraw from public life for months in what is expected to be the longest absence from official duties in her 68-year reign.”
Many royal events, such as the Trooping of the Colour, have already been postponed. She also canceled her birthday celebration in April, which was a record break.
The isolation marks what is believed to be Queen Elizabeth’s longest absence from official duties in her 68 year reign. While there is no time frame for resumption of duties, the fall has been targeted as the earliest possible date.

While isolated, the Queen and Prince Philip are being served by a small household staff. She still has a weekly audience with the Prime Minister by phone and receives daily boxes of government papers.
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh usually return from Windsor in May before an annual break at Balmoral in July.
The Times added that it’s unclear whether any of the planned fall events will still take place.
Despite not being able to attend official events, she has continued to address the public through videos on television and social media.

The Queen’s last public appearance came at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in March. That occasion was also the last official appearance for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Like the queen, the rest of the royal family is isolating in their various homes around the world – – While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been volunteering to feed the homeless as they settle into their Los Angeles home, Prince William and Kate Middleton are working on a new project to bring together the British people.

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