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RUDN Professional Scholarship Courses in Africa 2024: Unveiling the Dynamics of Intercultural Communication and Media Literacy

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By Theresa Moses


In an era marked by unprecedented connectivity and digital evolution, the RUDN Professional Scholarship Courses in Africa 2024 brought together a symphony of knowledge, particularly in the field of Media and Intercultural Communication to the Centre of Excellence at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Dr. Mustapha Muhammed Jamiu, Dr. Natalia Ivanova, Dr. Natalia Poplavskaya, alongside Dr. Olunifesi Adekunle SURAJ, orchestrated impactful lectures that transcended geographical boundaries, emphasizing the digital age’s role in reshaping the communication landscapes.

Dr. Mustapha Muhammed Jamiu, Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication and Leading Researcher at The Institute of Geopolitical Communications, Faculty of Philology, RUDN University, Russia, brought his expertise to the vibrant setting at the Centre of Excellence, Biodun Sobanjo Building, University of Lagos, where the two -day lectures held.

His explorative analysis of the ever-changing media landscape unveiled emerging trends and technological impacts on intercultural communication.

Navigating the complex intersection of media and intercultural communication, Dr. Jamiu unraveled challenges and opportunities inherent in this evolving space; offering practical insights from his dual roles, as participants gained actionable strategies for effective intercultural communication in the digital realm.

Dr. Jamiu’s engaging lectures, coupled with interactive discussions, empowered participants with a heightened awareness of intercultural variation in digital communication during the Two-Day Course Sessions.

Feedbacks showed the immediate applicability of gained insights in professional and academic pursuits.

On his part, Dr. Joseph Tejumaiye, Head of Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos in his welcome remarks expressed gratitude to Dr. Jamiu who gave perspectives on the evolving media landscape. He stressed the need for an entrepreneurial approach in the digital age, urging participants to merge innovation with traditional journalism.

Emphasising the evolution of print and broadcast boundaries, he encouraged diversification and adaptation, ensuring journalism’s influential role in public discourse. The speech underscores the necessity to embrace multimedia, be conscious of media landscape factors, and adapt to the evolving demands of journalism in the digital age.

Dr. Natalia Ivanova, a distinguished Lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication and Senior Trainer at RUDN University, Russsia delivered a compelling lecture during the RUDN Professional Scholarship Courses in Africa 2024. Focusing on “Culture and Personal Branding in the Digital Age,” Dr. Ivanova explored the intricate dynamics of navigating media and intercultural communication. She delved into the impact of culture on personal branding, emphasizing the role of digital platforms in shaping individual identities.

Through engaging insights, Dr. Ivanova highlighted the significance of cultural awareness and strategic personal branding in the ever-evolving digital landscape, providing attendees with practical tools to navigate and excel in the complex intersection of culture and digital communication.

Dr. Natalia Poplavskaya, Associate Professor, Department of Mass Communication, and Deputy Dean for International Relations in the Faculty of Philology RUDN University, Russia’s exploration of the global landscape in intercultural communication offered profound insights into challenges and opportunities in our interconnected world.

While navigating the intricate relationship between digital platforms and intercultural communication, Dr. Poplavskaya highlighted technology’s role as a bridge and examined challenges in fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted nature of intercultural communication, with practical tools provided for navigating digital complexities, especially Dr. Poplavskaya’s impactful sessions which left a lasting impression on participants.

Real-world examples and interactive discussions ensured not only theoretical comprehension but also the development of practical skills for academic and professional pursuits.

Dr. Olunifesi Adekunle SURAJ, a Associate Professor in the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Lagos, expertise extends to being the National lCoordinator (Nigerian Chapter) of the UNESCO University Network on Media and Information Literacy. Dr. SURAJ is recognized as a thought leader in Media & Information Literacy (MIL), in his lecture delved into the critical aspects of MIL, emphasizing its role in fostering intercultural understanding. Exploring Internet Governance’s complexities, Dr. SURAJ shed light on the intersection between media literacy and the digital realm.

In his lectures, marked with the case studies, and interactive discussions, empowered participants with valuable skills applicable in academic and professional contexts.

Also, practical strategies for maintaining safety and managing information effectively in a diverse and interconnected world. Feedback from participants highlighted the immediate applicability of insights gained from each lecture.

On their part, attendees expressed gratitude for the depth of knowledge shared and the practical applicability of the sessions in their roles as communicators in an interconnected world.

The RUDN Professional Scholarship Courses in Africa 2024 succeeded in delivering transformative insights into Media and Intercultural Communication. The synergy of lectures by Dr. Mustapha Muhammed Jamiu, Dr. Natalia Ivanova, Dr. Natalia Poplavskaya, and Dr. Olunifesi Adekunle SURAJ stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence in education, promoting a deeper understanding of intercultural communication in the ever-evolving digital age.

As participants embarked on their journeys armed with newfound insights, the rippling effects of these lectures are poised to shape the future of journalism and communication in Africa and beyond.

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