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Uzodimma Kicks Off Construction of Underground Tunnels to solve Owerri Flood Problem

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— I.8m Balloons Imported by LEO9 Asphalt & Construction Ltd to cast underground Tunnels/waterways

The 3-months administration of Senator Hope Uzodinma, Governor of Imo State has taken the bull by the horns in solving the perennial flooding that wreaks havoc within Owerri municipality whenever it rains.

Outside ensuring that all road contracts awarded by his government are designed to carry drainage systems, the new administration anchored on 3-R of Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction is engaging experts that will service the existing manholes in Owerri to rid them of blockages.

In his determination to solve once and for all, the Federal Housing Estate, Owerri flood disaster which often submerge houses along its way with billions of naira worth of properties lost, Senator Hope Uzodinma led government of shared prosperity is constructing 1.8m by 1.8m underground Tunnel starting from Dick Tiger street stretching to the green verge at Chukwuma Nwoha road and heads to Ottamiri River.

The engineering construction company, Leo9 Asphalt and Construction Ltd apart from constructing quality roads from Chukwuma Nwoha, Dick Tiger and Relief Market, Methodist/Shoprite road with drainages and walkways at both sides had imported Balloons that would be used to cast the construction of 1.8m underground tunnel, taking the water from flood prone areas within the aforementioned axis to a discharge point straight to Otamiri river thereby giving residents along Mcc, Ikenegbu and Federal Housing Estate sigh of relief from constant havoc caused by flood.

”We will take it from Relief Market across Egbu road down to Otamiri. We will also take it from Dick Tiger/Chukwuma Nwaoha and then to Otamiri,” project director , Oliver Njoku said.

Taking IfeanyiCy Media owners of IfeanyiCy blog on inspection of the project sites along Dick Tiger /Chukwuma Nwoha /Relief Market/Methodist-Shoprite /Mcc Erosion Control through Underground Waterwayand road construction, Chief engineer/Contractor Ali Houjiej said , there will be another 900mm by 900mm drainage system from Chukwuma Nwoha at Mcc stretching to Relief Market, Dick Tiger and Methodist Bustop channeling the flood water down to the Tunnel and evacuated through to Ottamiri River

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