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We Worked Tirelessly To Bring NIGERIA A Well Thought Out Solution To Social Distancing And Safe Commutes For Essential Trips.

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Taking only one passenger at a time and disinfecting the commuter space after each trip, the riders ensure strict adherence to WHO guidelines on moving people about in the current containment era.

We bring you and well meaning Nigerians an opportunity to partner for social change and impact which can save lives in target areas.

Public Enlightenment and Care Giver Training Programs (PCGTP)

We will assist with the development of Training Programs to train all workers in the public sector who work in various positions in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) as well as those in the private sector. Our proposed two-year action program will help improve public health systems within the country by increasing the epidemic detection and containment knowledge and skills in the country and build a cadre of skilled and well-trained professionals in Imo State able to help deal with any threats or outbreaks such as the one we currently face.

Furthermore, part of our operations are national from where we have access to Epidemic Control programs in a variety of State, in particular containment efficient regions, many of whom are prepared to receive the participants of the training program. We also offer in addition to the programs, logistics services and planned excursions to facilities’ within some of the selected States.

Covid-19 Social Distancing Transit Vehicles (CSDTV)

Presently, we recently recommended the endorsement and setting up of Covid-19 Social Distancing Vehicles in Nigeria to the NCDC. Each unit is equipped to manage essential transport to any of the hospitals within the regions and the movement of essential goods and services personnel.

Each unit comes with the vital protection and containment measures. The riders will provide additional data on the transmission of Covid-19 and tracing individuals in the regions and update recommendations on infection control precautions during transit, environmental infection control procedures, case reporting, distribution services and post-exposure transit management. The terms and categories of transit in each zone will meet international safety standards adequately.

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