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A rejoinder by a group which tagged itself BOLA TINUBU DISCIPLES ORGANIZATION, to the interview granted by Are Ibà Gani Ige Adams makes an interesting reading. The name of the group highlighted here cuts the image of a clan severely limited in scope, outlook and aspiration owing to its nomenclature. The rejoinder made series of allegations grounded in bitterness, malevolence and acrimony. They exhibited jaundiced views and limited senses of understanding of the issue at stake. Reference was made to the former Inspector-General of the Police, Sir Mike Okiro as having been involved in what looks like personal vendetta against the Ààrẹ. This is pitiable. What is well known was that obasanjo waged a war of attrition on any regional group and anything he perceived as obstacle to his building a kingdom for himself. He ordered the police to shoot any member of the O’dua Peoples Congress (OPC) at sight. There will not be anything special if anyone shields the Ààrẹ from persecution and assassination. That must only count as a duty to humanity. All in all, it made a frivolous claim that the Aare Ona Kakanfo has lost relevance in Yorubaland. Whatever the Asiwaju did for the Ààrẹ and for which he is “an ingrate” remains exclusively between the duo. What is crystal clear is that political actors raise and nurture thugs and hooligans to perpetrate their whims and caprices. So, if he has used and dumped the Ààrẹ, then they have to sort themselves out privately and not to come out in public to assault our sensibilities with their backdoor intrigues. Sometimes whatever a wise man says is echoed by the foolish. Generally speaking, the Tinubu disciples exaggerated the content of the Ààrẹ’s statement in the interview. Other than declaring that Asiwaju BAT, who he respectfully called Ẹ̀GBỌ́N (Elder Brother) several times in the clip, is opposed to the desire and aspiration of the Nation of Oduduwa for independence, there is nothing else he said about Asiwaju, that has not been said in current political discuss by all Yoruba opinion leaders, the only difference is that the Ààrẹ spoke in a televised interview, which video went viral. Maybe this is what pained this organization most. The gutter language they deployed shows the kind of company Asiwaju keeps. It is also not correct that Asiwaju has made millions of people, perhaps millions in materials and substances. The organization is a pot calling a kettle black here. While it is true that the Ààrẹ worked for the PDP and former President Jonathan in the not too distant past, the Jagaban has been known to be working for and with the fulani since 2014 till date. Whereas the Ààrẹ can be seen to have stopped any rapport with the Nigeria entity, at least ostensibly, the same cannot be said of Asiwaju, who has become a celebrated apologist of the buhari regime, which everyone knows he is scheming to succeed. Our friends also portrayed their principal as an accessory after the fact by shielding the Ààrẹ from justice. They are also not guided by the maxim that he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. They did not make sure that the Asiwaju is totally clean and unsmeared by the same odium they are painting the Ààrẹ of. The rise of the Ààrẹ from a humble beginning is the same with everyone who started life from scratch. There should be nothing abusive in that, rather it should a subject of emulation for everyone aspiring to greater heights. The point must be rẹ-emphasized to the Tinubu disciples that the Ààrẹ has not lost relevance in Yorubaland. The fact that this video has been widely circulated and retained by everyone should open the eyes of these disciples. On the contrary, it is the Asiwaju who should reflect deeply on how he got to this crossroad. Of the six Yoruba States, he has firm grip on only Lagos and Osun States. His grip on Ogun might be tenuous while Oyo is an opposition State. His name is a no-go area in Ekiti and Ondo States’ Governments’ Houses. Between the duo of the Asiwaju and the Ààrẹ, it is the former and not the latter that should seek relevance and reintegration into the mainstream Yoruba political configuration. The character assassination of the Ààrẹ embarked upon by the disciples is misguided and unfortunate. They should have reflected deeply on the elements contained in that brief clip and not unnecessarily grandstanding for their principal. Rather than elevating the banner of Asiwaju to the greatest height of grace, his disciples lowered it to the grass by their guttersnipe, brickbat and innuendoes, unbefitting of a “national leader” .

By Agbaakin Oreolorun Ademola, Intelligence Secretary O’odua Revolutionary Front – ORF


Opeoluwa Elisha Ademoyegun, Convener O’odua Revolutionary Front – ORF

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