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Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu Tweets On The Recent Wild Claims

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Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu @ChiefOjukwu tweets on the recent wild claims by Eeben Barlow, one of the founders of the specialized tasks, training, equipment & protection (STTEP):


This tweet & every other tweet I have done in the past or will do in the future does not represent the government or any agency civil or military. These are my views considering how events affect me as a Nigerian.

A few days ago, someone put up an aljazeera interview where Eeben Barlow one of the founders of the specialized tasks,
training, equipment & protection (STTEP) made some claims. I was tagged to that tweet, I will today give my personal views as not only a Nigerian but someone who knows a few things about events that occurred at that time.

First off, Barlow runs a mercenary outfit (guns for hire), they have no allegiance to anyone except the person who pays them for their services. 99% of guns for hire the world over are like that.

Imagine in 2014 where a mercenary was being paid millions of dollars while a lieutenant in the Nigerian army was earning less than 200k & a sergeant less than 100k! Among these group of fighters, who do you think will want the war to end sooner? The Nigerian soldier will want it to end so he can go home to his family, the mercenary will want the war to last as long as possible because he keeps getting
paid millions of dollars until the fighting stops.

One thing many do not understand is that governments hire mercenaries especially when they do not want any accountability. How did we all forget the former CAN president Ayo Oritsejafor & the $10million found in his private jet? Have we forgotten how the then president @GEJonathan said the funds were for purchasing of munitions? How does a government carry cash via private jet to go buy weapons? No paper work, country to country agreements, just get a middleman, load dollars into an aircraft?

What about the equivalent of over N13bn found in an apartment rented by former NIA director and his wife? Were these not all funds that were said was meant to execute the war by buying munitions via black market? Hasn’t the man and wife fled since?

When that video came up, some people said the US stopped us from buying arms because of anti-gay law. They even went as far as saying how demonic Obama was & how he sponsored @MBuhari campaign.

I have never seen a people who can lie so effortlessly like Nigerians.

I have never seen a people who have smart phones but are still so dumb!

I have never seen a people who have perfected the art of comparing apples with oranges.

The US stopped selling & also got their allies to stop because of what is called the ‘Leahy Laws’. The law prohibits US public funds/weapons from being given to foreign military units involved in gross human rights violations.

At the time there were allegations of rights abuses especially summary executions of prisoners.

Nigeria fury over US arms refusal Nigeria criticises the US for refusing to sell the government “lethal” weapons to fight militant Islamists as they seize another town.

Have we suddenly forgotten how some videos came online before 2014 showing men in military uniforms executing arrested suspects?

Video shows Nigeria ‘executions’ Footage obtained by Al Jazeera appears to show civilians being shot in wake of Boko Haram clashes.

Another reason the Americans gave for the ban was our poor handling of the Chibok girls abduction.

The night of 14th leading to morning of 15th April 2014, 276 children were abducted from a secondary school in Chibok. Have we suddenly forgotten how it all played out? The government first denied that it ever happened even after there was claim that we had 4hrs advance warning of the kidnapping.

After the back & forth between Abuja & forces on ground, they eventually agreed that there was an abduction. Instead of immediately putting together a search & rescue ops, it became a war of words between FGN at the time & Bornu. The presidency accused the Bornu government & people of Chibok of staging it to make the government look bad.

Almost 48hrs went by while all the needless drama was going on. While waiting for orders to set up a rescue operation, the first lady instead set up a committee inviting a delegation to come from Bornu/Chibok so ‘she could help them find the truth & maybe find their daughters’.

How could we have forgotten the useless ‘na only you waka come’ drama? Valuable time that would have been spent on search & rescue spent watching drama at the presidency. That was how the bring back our girls campaign was born!

@amnesty @AmnestyNigeria at the time kept pushing videos of extrajudicial killings in the NE to the US congress, the BBOG came online, these were the reasons the US congress blocked our access to much needed arms.

This was in line with their Leahy Laws & not some stupid conspiracy theory!

For those who have forgotten the Chibok girls drama or those who are willfully distorting facts, here is the full youtube video:

First Lady On Chibok Girls (Full Report) By Makut Simon…As efforts continue towards rescuing the abducted school girls from the Government Girls Secondary School Chibok in Borno State, First Lady Da…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=695WIiyt014

Nigeria tried buying decommissioned Cobra attack helicopters from Israel. The Israelis had an agreement to always notify the US whatever is done with the helicopters. Once the Americans knew they were to be sold to us, the deal was stopped.

If the government at the time was serious & weren’t only interested in looting of defense budget, what stopped them from buying weapons from China?

At the time, China was not a member of the Missile Technology Control Regime or the Arms Trade Treaty which control the proliferation of ballistic missiles & other unmanned delivery systems & also regulates the international trade in conventional arms.

What did we do instead? The government through the NSA Sambo Dasuki awarded a
military contract to their personal shell company which in turn subcontracted to Eeben Barlows STTEP.

How much was the original contract sum to the shell company?

How much was scooped off the top to personal accounts before subcontracting to STTEP? At least we all heard the man admit that what he got was a subcontract & not a direct contract!

Who is/are the big masquerade(s) that no one wants to mention that got the original contract? Millions of dollars at the time men were using hilux into battle instead of MRAP vehicles (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles)? At the time when ground troops were lacking air cover because few aircrafts to give CAS (close air support)? You think it makes sense to under equip your army while using millions of dollars to hire a mercenary?

How do you hire a group who have no allegiance to you? Are you not aware that if same boko haram pays them double what we were paying they will turn around against us or give Intel to the enemy?

Why do you think they are called ‘guns for hire’? Their guns are up for the highest bidder! That’s why many people use them to depose governments!

While we all know that not all military contractors are that way, there are old stories among intelligence circles that SA mercenaries are never to be trusted. Even their ministry of defense/foreign affairs have been finding a way to push legislation to stop them from plying their trade as many have been accused of war crimes & involving themselves in other countries politics. So what has changed since then?

Since 2015 till date we have winged over 80 combat pilots including females. The biggest & the first in our history. We have not only winged pilots for manned aircraft but for the first time we have winged drone pilots.

The army working with the vehicle manufacturing company & Defense Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) have been able to develop our own locally fabricated MRAPS. Some of the locally manufactured MRAPS have been deployed to the theater of war.

What about the over 100 airforce regiment specialists that have graduated and inducted into military operations all over the country? What about our capability to now repair/maintain damaged aircraft’s in house without having to take them overseas?

Look at our country to country (C2C) purchases so far with Pakistan (JF17), Russia (Mi35, ordnance/ammo), America (super Tucano, MRAPS), you would have preferred we continue contracting purchase of defense equipment’s to middlemen?

You would have preferred we continued contracting military engagements to contractors who in turn subcontract to private military contractors?

So Tompolo, Asari & gang would be the ones buying weapons for Nigeria?

You all are mad!

Have you all bothered to ask how the US was able to lift the sanction to allow us buy arms? You keep lying its because of Obama & how he helped PMB win election.

Sanctions were lifted by Trump regime because we agreed to treat POWs and suspects according to laid down rules of war.

We put in place the controversial ‘operation safe corridor’, these were part of the conditions given.

If you claim Obama was for PMB & Trump for Atiku, why didn’t Trump make Atiku win?

Most of you think with your asses.

I repeat, my tweets do not represent the views of the government. I am responsible for my tweets not how you interpret them.

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