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They operate like terrorists. They rob; They harass; They maim; They assault. Many of them are orientationally crude; attitudinally wild; mentally erratic; emotionally aggressive; headily daring and generally lawlessness.

And, some of us still don’t see anything wrong for them to continue to operate like that in the state.

So, because they want to survive economically, they must continue to make life unbearable for the rest of us?!

With the way all manner of human beings are trooping into Lagos from different parts of West Africa to come and ride okada and kekemaruwa in Lagos, Lagos can’t ever be safe, sane, conducive, competitive and beautiful!


Lagos will just continue to run like a jungle city and a third world 21st century state.

And, it is only a wicked government, which would be looking away, when the ‘economic’ activities of a few people, continue to make life unbearable for the generality of its people.

Besides, see what is happening in the North today, it is obviously the invasion of all manner of human beings that, that region allowed to dominate its socio-economic space yesterday, which has become the nightmare of that part of Nigeria today.

The Lagos State government must not continue to watch, until Lagos State starts experiencing the high rate of insecurity, killings and attacks the people of the middle belt and many parts of the North are battling with in their areas at the moment.

That high level of okada and kekemaruwa invasion into Lagos and its operational rubbish is just too alarmingly dangerous!

  • Olukayode Salako.


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