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Coronavirus: Deeper Life Suspends Combined Service

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Founder and General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi has suspended all services at the Gbagada headquarters where over 30,000 members gather to worship.
This is in line with the Lagos State Government’s ruling against large gatherings.
This was said in a memo from the church to all groups and districts. The memo stated that no gathering of worshipers should be more than 50. It also stated that washing materials should be placed at the entrance of churches and member with temperature above 38.0C should be refered to the Medical Personnel for immediate attention.
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“No gathering of worshipers should be more than 50; where they are more, they should be sent to Location/church in the house,” he said.
The statement said hand washing materials, such as running water and liquid soap should be provided at the entrances of the churches, while members should be encouraged to thoroughly wash their hands before entering the
“Alcohol-based hand sanitizer should be made available for the same purpose in all our churches. Each Church should arrange and ensure regular cleaning and disinfecting places such as toilets, all floors, surfaces such as door handles, chairs, church benches and pulpits with disinfectants.
“Worshippers should cover their nose and mouth with bent elbow or tissues when coughing, or sneezing and dispose the tissues immediately. Adequate baskets/dust bin to dispose tissues used by those who coughed or sneezed, should be provided.
“Members should avoid shaking of hands or any other form of physical contact where possible. Members should avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
“Churches should check body temperature with the use of infrared thermometer. The temperature should be below 38.0 C. those with temperature of 38.0 C and above should be referred to Medical Personnel for immediate attention,” the memo said.

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