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CORONAVIRUS: How Patient 31 Spread The Virus In South Korea?

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Have you read or heard of “Patient 31” in South Korea? She is responsible for the huge spike in the numbers of corona virus patients in South Korea.

How did it happen? She simply attended a Church that insisted it must be open to worshippers against the directive of government. The result of that singular disobedience is what South Korea is still struggling to contain .

Every 10 minutes, someone is dying in Iran due to the virus. How did it get to that level? The Spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini , called for a National prayer and gathered 60,000 people to pray. In less than 48 hours, the number of infected persons moved from less than 30 to 2,000.

God is NOT an author of confusion. He put structures in place by putting a government over you. And that is for law, order, planning and control. If you disobey your Government, you are acting against God’s word. So stop the grandstanding. Stop it this minute!

Even Apostle Paul said everything should be done “decently and in order.” Italy is recording about 600 deaths DAILY. They have converted Final year medical students to Doctors abruptly. The Crematorium are completely filled. Corpses are lining the streets . AND THAT IS A COUNTRY WITH A LESSER POPULATION BUT FAR BETTER HEALTH-CARE THAN NIGERIA.

We are a population of over 200 million people with the arguably the most terrible healthcare system. If this virus moves with the speed it is currently doing because some of you are deliberately being stubborn, then this will be a long night.

Kindly obey all the instructions dished out by Government and stop using our Father in Heaven to become a stupid national deviant.


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