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I Killed My Elder Brother For Leaving Our Cult Group:-Arrested Gang Leader Ifeanyi Osigwe

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Ifeanyi Osigwe does not pass across as the typical rough looking, coarse talking and abrasive cult gang member.

Instead, he is soft-spoken, harmless and innocent 20-year-old boy in the neighbourhood but deep down, Ifeanyi is not only a ferocious and cold-blooded killer, but a stone-hearted murderer who does not place any value on human life.

The third of three sons, two of who are dead, Ifeanyi, until his arrest in February, was one of the notorious cultists terrorizing the Ogudu/Ojota axis of Lagos State.

So heartless was Ifeanyi and his gang that the Divisional Police Officer of Ogudu Police Division ordered a manhunt for him and his gang members and they fled in all directions.

With a mother from Akwa Ibom State, Ifeanyi fled to his maternal home where the police traced and got him arrested.

During his parade recently by the police, Ifeanyi opened up and confessed to his many atrocities, including killing his eldest brother for dumping the cult group he was a leader.

In his confession, Ifeanyi said it was his big brother that initiated him and his immediate older brother into the cult but later decided to leave the group, an action which led to other top ranking members mandating him to snuff life out of his blood brother.

“I killed my eldest brother for dumping our cult group,” Ifeanyi began. “We were just the three of us and I am the last born. My father is from Imo State while mother is from Akwa Ibom State.

I was in Senior Secondary School Two (SSS2), when my senior brother who was in the university initiated me and my immediate older brother into a cult group. He was the Capone then and told us that by being members of the group, we will be feared and no one will mess with us.

As a new initiate, my job was basically to break into homes in our area and steal household items which the group sold and gave me some stipends.

Many people in our area did not know that I was a cult member because I have always been a very quiet boy. I did not look for people’s trouble and I was serious with my studies, so no one suspected me.

Even when some boys in our area were accused of being cult members, no one could suspect me. But what they did not know was that I was deep into the cult and I had participated in the killings of one or two rival gang members.

I became a full blooded killer when my eldest brother announced that he was leaving the cult. We begged and pleaded with him not to leave the group but he said he had become a born-again Christian and had nothing to do with the cult again.

A decision was made to eliminate him but no one wanted to kill him. After a lot of deliberations, some top ranking members said I must kill my brother or I would be killed.

I had no option but to carry out the assignment. The night I killed my brother, I was given a gun by our new leader and I sneaked into my brother’s room and killed him.

When the corpse was found the next day, everyone said he was killed by a rival gang as no one would ever suspect that I would have the mind to kill my brother.

After the successful killing of my brother, I was made the Capone in his place even though I was one of the youngest members.

That was when my life changed as I would not hesitate to kill anyone that stood in my way. I don’t remember the number of people I have killed so far but I can say they are more than 10.

The journey to my arrest began when a rival gang from Ojota killed my immediate elder brother on December 24, 2019. He had taken his son to have a hair-cut when he was ambushed and butchered to death.

I made a vow to ‘down’ as many people as possible and with my gang, we went on a rampage and succeeded in killing four members of the rival gang.

That was when the police declared war on us and we had to run in different directions. I managed to escape an early morning raid and ran to my mother’s place in Akwa Ibom. I told my uncles that some cult members were after me and I had to go there and rest.

I don’t know how the police managed to trail me to the remote village and arrested me very early in the morning. Even my mother’s people wanted to put up a resistance after the police shot me but when I was taken to the palace of the village head, I had to confess that I am a cult member.

I do regret killing my own brother but I don’t have any regret for killing those that killed him and others who were also after my life. In the cult world, it is either you kill or you are killed.

I don’t know if I will come out of this alive but my major shame is that my poor mother would have to live with the pains of losing three sons who would have taken care of her in her old age.”

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