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I’m The Solution To Corona Virus – Satguru Maharaj Ji

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…Reiterates support for Buhari’s corruption war

Satguru Maharaj Ji, spiritual leader and founder of One Love Family, has declared that Corona virus (COVID-19) will end if the world can acknowledge him as the saviour of the world.

This is even as Maharaj Ji drummed support for President Muhammadu Buhari anti-corruption war.

He said the remedy for the scourge is him, who has the power and capacity to stop the virus.

Maharaj Ji, who spoke at an event, tagged Divine Public Lecture with the theme Absolute End to Modern Day Slavery and the Only Way Out held in Lagos at the weekend, said unequivocally that he was the solution to the epidemic.

The One Love Family spiritual leader said Corona virus (COVID-19) deaths would stop if humanity acknowledged and called upon him, stressing that the effects of the epidemic would not have festered and grounded businesses across the world. He added that normalcy would be restored as soon as people recognize and call him.

Maharaj Ji maintained he has the capacity and power to meet and solve everyone’s needs and problems, but only if they acknowledge his omnipotence, adding that he has been saving the world for 40 years.

He urged the world to seize the opportunity of his availability, stressing that whoever calls on his name shall be saved and attain greater heights.

“We shall send COVID-19 to their source now that Maharaj Ji is here in Lagos,” Maharaj Ji, who described himself as the father of creation declared.

“The father of creation is got the remedy to this virus. Priests and imams of other religion cannot save the world because they are not calling on the saviour of the world who is Maharaj Ji and he’s within anyone who believes and calls on his name.

“This is not the time for lamenting and shutting down businesses because of Corona virus but the world should call on me to restore things to normalcy. I have the capacity and power to meet everyone’s needs and problems only if they acknowledge me. Unfortunately many did not recognise me as the holy one and saviour of the world, and solution to their problems. Corona virus is dead if they consult and call on me.”

Speaking on Buhari, the spiritual leader reiterated his support for the president, expressing confidence in his administration following the successes recorded in the last four years.

“I am not only here to stop Corona virus but to support Buhari’s fight against corruption to provide solutions to problems in the country. There is a need for good leadership to bring about good change. And although the country has the resources but needs people to acknowledge me as the saviour to deliver from its distress.”

He further urged that love should be promoted among the people and not see the country as an epicentre of war, while calling for respects and recognition for traditional values.

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