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Open Letter To Asari Dokubo.

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Dear Sir, Asari Dokubo

My cooperate regards to you and entire Biafrans in the coastal region of Biafra land.
Mr Asari Dokubo, I condemn in totality the recent disgraceful approach against the genuine Biafrans and IPOB worldwide by verbally attacking the able leader of IPOB worldwide, Your manner and approach is highly malicious against the common goal of every Biafrans including our good brothers from the coastal region.

I was very shocked when I saw the video on social media platform, seeing you criticising Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in such envious manner. I began to wonder how much have you collected from the Fulani government to betray your own people? It seems you don’t understand that Fulani is making more efforts to divide us against our pursuit for freedom and liberty.
I have also wonder what would have lead you to an extent of backstabbing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu even though our common enemies understand that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB is ever determined in term of this struggle for restoring Biafra.

I watch the said video documentary online and I found out that your claims are not true but you’ve only allow jealousy and envy to rule ahead of your mind rather than understanding that Biafrans are one, Ijaw people are more Biafrans than the Igbo man.

Normally, In every family there may be misunderstanding among brethren but it the duty of members of the family to put an end to the issue and forge a head for better future, the enemies only make mockery of us if we wash our dirty line outside.

Mr Asari Dokubo, I wish you can trace back your historical background to know that the name Niger Delta is never part of your indigenous dialect language.
A mere research on the meaning of the name “Niger delta” is not far from the so called “Nigeria” or ‘Niger-Area”as its pronunciation implies.
Apart from the name you anchored, why the did Nigeria government decide to name your geopolitical zone “South South”? Does that actually make sense to an educated man, because the 16 point compass has nothing like S-S in it.

Mr Asari, remember that you just an individual person from the Ijaw tribe of Biafra, your misbehavior can never stop Biafra or the will of good numbers genuine Biafrans from Ijaw nation because Radio Biafra has enlightened and unite us more than ever before.

You felt you’ve been to Mecca as Muslim just to succumbed to the will of the slave masters in Aso Rock, I am referring you back to the apology documents made by Mohammed Gaddafi when he reveals the slave trades system and tactics by the Arab nation against Africans.

Clearly, Nobody is born with perfect attitude, you have to learn from all good ramification of the world.
I will refer you to the original Arab Muslims, they will tell you history of Igbo tribe of Biafrans, For instance; there braveness, How wise there are and strong in all aspects.

Late Murmur Gaddafi former president of Lybia who trained ijaw youth including you.
Main reason for that, Is because of your Biafra ancestral linage.
In aspect of these, Late Gaddafi may have saw what General Chukwuemeka Ojukwu for seen before and during the war. And I hope Gaddafi acted by the same experience of Ojukwu and Biafra war that later lead to his death as he was killed during Obama’s regime as America president.

I wouldn’t like to proceed more than this, my advice on you is to keep calm and observe more on the intellectual card been played the Fulani oligarchy to divide us more. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the only brother you can trust for now and tomorrow although we disagree to agree. Nnamdi Kanu remains your brother and ever genuine in pursing the total freedom of Biafra in its finest diplomacy ever applied in the history of Africa, it is called self-determination.
I will end my writing here but I know that on a very good day we shall meet in peace and joy as we celebrate our freedom in it loudest song of victory.

Yours Sincere Brother;

Mazi Agbo Ifeanyi.
(Biafra Cracker Doneez)

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