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Re: In Need Of Urgent Attention Please

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I want to use this medium to call and plead with the government of Ekiti state to  take urgent action on the carnal that is located along Atikankan area in Ado Ekiti. This carnal is filled up with waste dump of different kinds that is capable of preventing free flow of flood during raining season.

Besides, this carnal needs to be expanded because it used to overflow during raining time, causing serious flooding. What was experienced as a result of its non expansion last year is still fresh in our memory. 

I am happy that  during the last sanitation exercise in Ado Ekiti, the Honourable Commissioner for information and some health officers made an inspection to the area with promise to take positive action towards it. 

The reason for this plea is that, another downpour is warming up and we don’t want the repeat of last year. We want govt to clear the carnal and expand it so that there will be free flow of erosion. 

I know the government under His Excellency Dr John Kayode Fayemi is a listening one and ready to the wish of the people.

We will be happy for the timely intervention.

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