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STAY AT HOME ORDER Has No Option But It Is A Life Provoking Situation

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This is one the respond of a resident at Adigbe CDC.
Your Excellency,
Prince Dapo Abiodun mfr.
Excecutive Governor
Ogun State,

Petition: Ogun State relief package, an eyesore.

My dear Governor, I want to greet you for your selfless efforts in making sure that Ogun State is great and paramountly at this trying time to protect the entire Ogun people from the COVID 19 pendemic, may you and your family be save too. Amen

As a law abiding citizen of the state, STAY AT HOME ORDER has no option but it is a life provoking situation.

Your excellency sir, my life was more provoked and threatened today 4th of April 2020 at about 7pm when I was thinking of how to survive and relief the hardship on my family when my community chairman posted the attached picture with the information that “this is what was given to the entire community as a relief package from the Government (Ogun State).

Sir, for the fact that the pack was left unsealed as at the time am penning you, I suspect the content of the package can not be more than 10 congos (measurement) of rice.

My highly respected Governor sir, the population of my community can not be less that 250.

This is a community that struggles to survive on its own without any government support ranging from security, Roads, electricity and other amenities.

Sir, I am more provoked and disappointed when this kind of message was delivered and the messanger claimed that it was from your government.

Allow me sir to make a Breif analysis of what 10 Congo of rice will likely give a household, in the community we have 79 occupied houses and about 100 households, there is 8 tins (milk) of rice in one Congo, hence sir 80 tins of rice for the community.
Let me assume 20 households will not be interested in sharing and eighty are, this will amount to a tin (milk) of rice was given to a household in the community. Alas, what a relief package.

Your excellency sir, if truely this is what you asked your messanger to deliver to US as a community, then this is nothing but AN EYESORE, A RIDICULOUS SIGNAL AND A NEW BADAGRI OF 21st century.

Finally, as a person and a rightful citizen of the state who is in dear need of a true releif at this tough time, I honorably reject this Gesture.

I therefore advice that this is not good for us as a State and Nation as the future of our children is being threatened.

Thanks you and stay safe

Here I drop my pen.

Concerned member of the community,
Adigbe CDC.
4/4/20.  21:25

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