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The First Serial Killer In Human History

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Many were shocked to the marrow when a middle-age man with physical impairment was caught at Ita-Maya village, along Ife-Ibadan Expressway on Friday 28th February, 2020, by officers of the Department of State Security (DSS). Cases of kidnapping and ritual killing have been recorded lately in that area. Unknowingly, the security agents have been fully on ground to unravel the mystery
The suspect, Mr Angus Benson, confessed to have been a professional kidnapper terrorizing the area since 2018. He claimed to be from Edo state and that he disguises as a beggar on the road. During interrogation, he narrated their mode of operation around the area. He said they get their victims from commuters who stand by the road. Whenever they see their victims, they make sure the victims are not armed and not many, before they approach them. They (beggars) will move closer to the targets, especially ladies, and ask for alms. In the course of begging, the victim(s) is hypnotized. After that, the other accomplices will be signaled, and their waiting vehicle will come to pick the victims. Many onlookers will not notice any fowl play till they leave the scene. The victims will be taken to a depot called “Arena”, where they are dismembered and sold to the waiting customers. The “arena” is not far from the place where Mr Angus was caught.  People are therefore advised to be cautious of their environment when on a journey.  Please share your thought on this subject-matter.

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